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July 12, 2018

Get “Beach Body” Ready [a talk on cellulite + self love]

Did you know the beach doesn’t define your body?

With Summer in the full swing of things, it just feels right to share this message with you:

TRUTH BOMB – Photo Inspired by my girl @shethrivesblog. It’s a bit aggressive even for me, I know. And before I even get into this, I understand I might have a “beach” body. But you get to see my cellulite on full blast in this post because people need to stop the freaking madness around getting “beach body” ready. STOP. STOP IT.

So, welcome to my back side. Consider yourself #blessed. I’ve NEVER shown my rear on the gram let alone the world wide web but it is necessary. And it went “viral” (for me anyway) on instagram.  It went viral because it is real, it is raw, and it is the truth.  My back side is made up of a lot of muscle layered with some fat. Oh…and that the beach doesn’t give a fuh about it.

The beach doesn't define your body

On that note, the motive behind this photo is to share with you that there is 0% requirement for a specific body shape, size or weight at the beach. THE BEACH DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE! People might. But if they want to be a judgey-mc-judgerton then that’s on their conscious and they’ve got some inner work to do. Let’s be honest, we all do, okay? If they choose to verbalize that judgement, then that makes for a fun conversation where they probably end up feeling stupid. Regardless, you go to the beach with whatever freaking body you have. Okay? Practice self love and be present with yourself and whoever you’re with.

If you need some affirmations, repeat after me:

I love myself and all that is me.

I am the only me. That’s badass.

My body is a powerful vessel.

My body is a gift.

My body is capable.

My body does not define me.

I have a brain and a personality.

I have the ability to positively or negatively impact others.

My character is the legacy I leave behind while my corpse rots in the dirt or is burned into ashes…

I will have fun at the beach and enjoy the sand and ocean and sun rather than worrying about what my flesh looks like….because I love myself and my body is a powerful vessel…and so on and so on.

And hey, you know what? It’s okay to love yourself and want to make some changes to your body – IF those changes are in LOVE and not comparison or hatred or insecurity.

The Beach gives zero cares what body you bring to it...

You follow? You Get it?

Great. Love you and YOU should love you.  The beach gives no care’s what body you bring to it as @shethrivesblog put it (paraphrased). Go own yourself and all that is you woman. You’re worth it.


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