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July 16, 2018

3 Signs of Health that have Nothing to do with Your Physique

Are you really healthy? Find out in this post.

Your muscles are not your health

Sure, a healthy looking physique is ONE way to gage someones health. Kind of. I would argue it’s more an indication of their potential fitness level than HEALTH.

A comprehensive representation of health is measured by other things. Health from the inside out can be measured by three things (among others). For women specifically, our SKIN, ENERGY LEVELS, AND MENSTRUAL CYCLE. All of which can be determined by HORMONES.

First up, SKIN

I have shared my skin story + how to heal cystic acne here. Is your skin dry? Red? Do you get acne? Little zits? Where at? Does it align with your stress? Does it change with your diet?

My personal cystic acne was from hormonal imbalance. I took a hormone blocker (spironolactone) for 9 months and then said screw this (started skipping periods or having two per month – felt out of control of my body).  So, I quit it cold turkey; I lowered my stress and implemented knowledge and products similar to those in The Body Awareness Project. when our bodies are out of balance with health, it shows itself in one way or another.

Heal hormonal Acne with natural remedies


Skin is one of those ways. As mentioned in another post “Skin is your largest organ.” It is how your body defends itself as well as detoxifies itself. Collagen by Vital Proteins was a game changer for me, as well as vitamin C and making sure I drink water + use a thick night cream. I have dry skin, and know that hormonal acne is a definite thing for me if I don’t keep my stress low.

If your skin is not where you want it to be, check out The Body Awareness Project. If you just want a great skin care routine for sweaty skin, I suggest Fre Skin Care 123 Set. Use code: FDBA to save yourself 20%.  This set is what I use now religiously. It is even traveling around the world me as my only skin care products.


Next in line, ENERGY LEVELS

Energy levels are heavily dependent on hormones. This might be news to you, but being tired 24/7 is NOT good. Nor is it how you are supposed to feel. Most of us under sleep and over caffeinate while not drinking enough water. Being tired all the time can also indicate that your cortisol levels are high. Cortisol is your stress hormone. And while all hormones are needed. Your body does NOT want to be in a constant catabolic state (breaking down – cortisol related). Cortisol is meant to be released in a stressful situation and then RECOVER from that situation by lowering cortisol levels.

Feeling energized is great. If that’s you, rock on sister. But if you’re in the “constantly exhausted and probably addicted to caffeine” club, you might want to evaluate your life. You want to be energized during the day, and tired when it’s bed time.

Lowering your stress, ensuring quality sleep, eating quality foods, and drinking enough water are great places to start. Common suggestions:

  • Decrease screen time before bed – read a real book with dim light.
  • Sleep in a dark, cold room.
  • Make small diet changes – add more green veggies rather than trying to change it all at once.
  • Use a meal delivery service if you’re short on time (they are super popular and awesome).
  • Live with a water bottle glued to you.



Before we open this can of worms, I want to say you are free to make your own decisions. It’s 2018. If you want to take birth control. Do it. If you don’t, awesome. I am simply sharing the facts.

Dr. Lara Briden’s book, “The Period Repair Manual” is mind blowing. Your period is a massive sign of your hormonal health. Seems obvious enough but I never thought of it like that.

3 Signs of health that have nothing to do with your physique

If you’re on birth control you don’t have a real period, and your “hormones” are not normal. Period (no pun intended). So, to truly have a grasp of your hormonal health while taking a birth control pill is simply not realistic. That’s not to say you should quit the pill. Again that is your choice. I am saying that your results may be skewed by fake hormones. That is to inform you. Not convince you either way.

No matter where you stand, your natural menstrual cycle is an amazing indicator of your internal health and hormone balance. Normal ovulation is HEALTHY. Insanely painful cramps are NOT. Intense PMS is NOT. You can learn more from Dr. Briden. She’ll open your eyes and likely blow your mind (speaking from experience).

You can find her book here

Some tips in regards to all three signs of health

Get sleep, drink water, manage your stress, adjust diet (with guidance from a doc). I know it seems simple. Stress is a killer, quality and consistent sleep is incredible for your health, you’re basically made of water…and your body in one way or another will be a reflection of the food you put in it.

That’s all for today. If you have questions, or comments, as usual, drop me a line!  Let’s talk health.

Shop the goods here:

The Period Repair Manual

The Body Awareness Project

Fre Skin Care (use code FDBA for 20% off)

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