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April 2, 2018

How to Find the Right Diet For YOU

How to find the right diet for you.


Let me start off with a little note here…”diet” is NOT synonymous with losing fat or losing weight. “Diet” is quite literally what you put in your pie hole on the daily.

I get it, nutrition is complicated. I don’t pretend that it’s not. We are all different, with different taste preferences, training needs, and genetics. It all plays a roll in what diet will be right for you.

However, in the grand scheme of things…the right diet for you is the one you can ADHERE TO fuh-evuh.  Don’t you dare click away because you don’t like that answer girlfriend. Stick with me.

Generally speaking, no short term diet is going to serve you well in the long run. We get long term results based on what we do CONSISTENTLY. That’s not my opinion. That’s scientific truth.

So, HOW DO YOU find the diet that is right for you?  It is possible. And it’s what we dive into today.

Step 1. Be patient but take action.

Enter, trial and error (remember, we have a long term perspective for our diet…because it is what we eat on the daily, not a short term fad).

It can be helpful to start with a specific “type” of diet. Take paleo for instance. Stick to veggies, meats, and maybe play with three or four starchy carb choices. You are NOT bound to this forever.  You are a human who can make her own decisions at any given moment. #freedom.

This is where patience comes in.  You need to see if you CAN adhere to this. Pay attention to what you like + what works for you.

You could also start with a challenge, or group of some kind like whole 30. You know you are not going to eat this way FOREVER. It is not designed in a way to do so.  But with the right mindset, you get to start with a specific list of foods to eat, learn about what you’re putting in your body, and make educated decisions from there for your future long term diet.

Step 2. Track all the things.

When you’re first starting out with a serious diet change for whatever reason (maybe it’s to feel better during your workouts, or have a clearer mind throughout the day, not to have a freaking six back or get “skinny” for summer), it is vital that you’re tracking data. I am NOT, I repeat, I am NOT talking about macros. I am talking about:

  • energy levels outside the gym,
  • energy levels during workouts,
  • sleep quality,
  • skin health,
  • how your clothes are fitting and
  • WHAT you are consuming.


I’m not against tracking macros. I offer a macro + nutritional breakdown because I actually think it is a GREAT way to learn about foods, macro nutrition measurements and nutrient timing.  I do not think tracking macros for life is for everyone.

Step 3. Eat what you like.

Am I talking about cake and bon bons? Do you think I am talking about cake and bon bons…?

I am NOT talking about cake and bon bons. I am simply giving you permission to eat foods that sit well with your GI tract and taste buds. If you like your veggies raw, eat ’em raw! If you like ’em cooked, throw ’em in the pan!  You loath red meat? Don’t freaking it! But please do take an iron supplement or eat plenty of leafy greens. 

You’re free to explore foods, preferably real ones, and choose the ones you enjoy + feel fueled by.  You’ll be much less stressed with this approach as well.

Step 4. Be consistent.

With anything. If you want to truly find out what diet works best for you, you need to be consistent. You need to adhere to it. If you’re binging because you can’t adhere, something needs to change. AND THAT’S OKAY!

I hope that you are on the course of LEARNING about food + your body.

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