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March 26, 2018

Supplements: Best Pills, Powders, & Skin Care I’ve Found


I have tried A LOT of supplements in my day as a “fitness professional”. I am always looking for the cleanest, simplest and not insanely expensive products on the market. Once I find them, I share them with you.  Keep in mind that you ARE in fact going to pay a little extra for high quality supplements that aren’t full of chemicals and preservatives we can’t pronounce.

I was not a huge fan of supplements for a long time because I hated that I didn’t understand what I was even consuming and why it was beneficial for me. Since experimenting, and with the health industry leaning towards quality, clean, close to the source products, I have found a few brands and products I am a little scared to live without.

First up…

Let’s talk about SKIN.

Fre Skincare is the all in one package most women are looking for.

Their formula is Vegan, cruelty free, and hypoallergenic, making it adaptable to all skin types. Seriously, I have clients with varying skin types who have tried and LOVED this product.

My favorite part is shown below.  For every set purchased, women in Morocco plant an Argan Tree. This supports the women + fights deforestation. I freaking love it. If I can ever visit these women, you better believe it’s happening.

Before Fre I was using creams, cleansers and serums from different brands trying to find the combination that worked for my skin.

I tried Fre for ONE WEEK and did not need to use ANYTHING ELSE. It was a rather magical experience actually. PLUS a 123 set lasts for 3 months, so your bank account will thank you.

Snag a set and use my code FDBA to save yourself 20% OFF when you click the link below.

Click to save 20% on your 123 Fre Set!


Next up, also happens to be great for your skin…and all other tissues in your body.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Oh for the love of all things Holy thank God and the universe for this form of protein.

Collagen is naturally produced and occurring inside the body. It is a easily digested, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free…everything (free besides protein) gift to this earth.

I will advise you not to just mix it with water.  It has “no taste” but it definitely tastes like something when it is alone.  I put this in EVERYTHING. I mean everything.  From tomato soup, to my coffee and half & half every morning to oatmeal to anything that is remotely liquid.

Collagen has many benefits.  In short, it is the building block for most, tissues in your body, hair, skin, nails, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Anything that isn’t a lipid based (fat based) cell, likely needs collagen to grow and function.

What supplements I take and why

I have tried many of Vital Proteins the coffee creamers but honestly the peptides don’t add a taste and have double the protein of the creamers. The decision is yours, but if you’re like me and like to keep things simple, go with the collagen peptides for the most bang for your buck.

Use the links below get yourself some!

Collagen Peptides or Vital Proteins Home Page to explore other products.


Pre-Workout or Energy Boost

The Silver Fern Brand is like the others I’ve already mentioned, committed to the creating clean, science based, effective supplements. Today I am featuring the product I use most often from them, their Endurance Energy Drink Mix.

THIS ENERGY MIX IS MY LIFE. I could not say enough great things about it. There is no crash, it is basically a vitamin bomb, it doesn’t make me gittery (even if I don’t work out), and it is not full of other crap like so many “pre-workout’s” in the supplement world.

Check it out via the link below.

Supplements I take and why

You can expect an increase in cardiac output endurance, power endurance, blood flow, and mood improvements.  I have NEVER used pre-workouts, but after trying this one, I am hooked.

The biggest benefit to me is that I can take it at ANY time of day and I won’t crash OR be up until 2am writing my autobiography because I can’t sleep.

Click the link below to get your new found pre-workout/mid day energy boost or to check out other Silver Fern Products! (I also use their Ultimate Probiotic).

Silver Fern Energy Endurance Drink Mix


Why I take the Supplements I do

I take Magnesium for a few reasons.  Magnesium is used by the body for TONS of functions and it is also one of the most common deficiencies. It is used in muscle function, but can also be used as a calming agent before bed. I use it for the latter. I take it before bed every night and I take more when I am near my menstrual cycle because it can help reduce cramping.

Shall we move on to the PILLS?


Good Ol’ Vitamins

You should consult your doctor about ANYTHING you are taking.  For me, Vitamin C, D, Omega 3, and sometimes a probiotic or turmeric are my daily vitamins.

I take vitamin C for immune function and skin health. YES, I have actually noticed a difference in the complexity of my skin when I don’t take my Vit C. I have an autoimmune condition called vitiligo, so immune function is a big deal to me.

I take vitamin D because I live in the Pacific Northwest and we see the sun like 60 days of the year…so there’s that.

Omega 3’s are great for cell health and decreasing muscle soreness. Most of your cells are surrounded by a lipid layer (fat layer).  It is important that we get adequate healthy fats in order for our cells to be protected + function optimally.  Your brain especially needs healthy fats to function properly.


That’s all for now. I change up one or two supplements every now and again.  If I don’t feel or see a difference from a supplement. I don’t keep taking it. Supplements should be in addition to a already healthy balanced diet. BUT, they are amazing when you find good ones!

For more info on the brands and supplements I support, visit my SUPPLEMENTS PAGE.

I hope you enjoy and let me know if you have questions OR if you try one of the brands I suggested!

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