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October 28, 2018

How to use Batching to Up-level Your Business

Annie Miller shares how batching brought her clarity and focus in her business

Batching – get more done in less time for the same result?

One of my first mentors, Marie Forleo, introduced me to this time saving, result making tactic. But it wasn’t until about a year ago that I implemented with max effort.

Apply Batching and Enjoy Feeling Sane Again

The schedule-winning tactic is known as “batching.” Simply put, you group like-tasks together in time slots so that you can be more efficient with your time instead of trying to wear 25 hats at one time with no direction.

This is especially applicable for business owners. Today’s post is interactive. Like, get out a pen and paper type of interactive. I’ll wait…

Annie Miller, strength coach and entrepreneur shows you how to use batching to improve your business

Write down all the hats you wear, all the tasks you have to complete on a weekly basis.

Could be something like this:

  • Blog posts
  • Email
  • Instagram posts (or other social media)
  • Actual work (writing client programs)
  • Client check ins
  • Sales calls


Then you might have tasks that don’t happen weekly but monthly or bi-weekly

  • Bookkeeping
  • Meetings
  • Brainstorm sessions
  • Coaching calls


THEN – the batching begins.

Annie Miller lays out what batching is, and how to use it in your business

You should have a pretty good idea of how much time each of these tasks requires. Your lists could look completely different than the one above. That’s okay. These are just examples.

Now you’re going to choose tasks that are similar. For example, I like to write instagram posts and blogs on the same day because my mind is in the same space for both of these tasks. Whereas I like to work on programs and check in with my clients on the same day because the two are client related tasks.

Once you batch “mind-liked” tasks, then choose a day in the week you complete those on. Programs are Friday or Saturday for me. Bookkeeping is on the 10th and 25th of every month (first thing in the morning) and I normally blog a full day every two weeks (often Sundays) to complete SEVERAL blog posts and IG captions and layouts for two weeks to a month.

My all time favorite planner is The Day Designer. I use the smaller of the two versions because I am currently a digital nomad but NEED that pen to paper planner. That’s a hard pass to electronics and planning for me But you do you.

Instead of taking up a little time everyday for tasks, causing your brain to constantly switch gears. STOP. Group like tasks, and SCHEDULE THEM!

The benefits

…Because we want to feel a little less like this…

Annie Miller walks you through the process of batching so you can up-level your business

And feel a little more like this…

Annie Miller shows you how batching can change your life and business

Here’s how batching brings you the freedom you were after when becoming an entrepreneur.

Batching allows you to wear one hat at a time.

This, in turn, allows you to give 100% attention to the task at hand.

You will likely produce higher quality product, meaning higher value for your audience.

You’ve now up-leveled your business. Congrats.

Because your time is scheduled and tasks are grouped into specific days, you give yourself more white space and free time to spend nurturing yourself or with loved ones. You’re welcome.

More focus, more efficient, better products, more free time…It’s hard to see a downside am I right?

Batching for the non-schedule loving entrepreneur

Batching brought me more life and made me see how much time I was wasting going from task to task everyday. It works well for my personality. But it can be hard for the more free spirited entrepreneur who feels tied down by schedules. Not to worry. I see you and have suggestions. Batching can still work for you.

Still batch all your tasks. Group together tasks that require the same or similar hats and type of thought process from your brain.

But don’t schedule specific days for these batched tasks to happen on. Because this makes you feel retrained and stresses you out.

Simply have the batched tasks somewhere you can see. Wake up, and choose which group or single task your soul desires for that day.

You shouldn’t have more groups than you can complete in a weeks time so there should be no problem getting everything competed.


The important thing with batching is to PRACTICE WITH DILIGENCE.

Batching takes practice. You’re used to changing hats constantly, to checking your email several times per day, to working on a little of this, and then a little of that. STOP.

You will not die if you check email once a day at 10am or 4pm. Promise. You can even schedule an automated response so your people know when their email will be tended to.

Oh, and once you batch, and start to see the free time you’ve created, I challenge you to NOT fill it with more work. Just enjoy the white space. It will have positive carryover into your work. Trust me.

If you need a good book on the subject, read The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris and Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Don’t read this and not apply it. 🙂 Go batch your ish.

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