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January 2, 2018

Instagram “Top 9 of 2017” vs. MY Top 9 of 2017

How instagram got my top 9 WRONG.


This is not my typical blog post. But bare with me.  If you follow me on instagram, you know I was disappointed when I saw my instagram”top 9 of 2017″.  The top nine are the most liked photos on instagram throughout the past year.  In theory it is a fun way to see what content was the most impactful. In reality it tells you what the most popular content was.  My top nine were photos were of my face and body…NOT what I consider to be my most impactful or insightful content.  If you want the whole scoop on that story, you can see it over on instagram. I go into plenty of detail in the post with my top nine.

Today I want to share MY “top 9 of 2017” on instagram with you. These were the nine posts that I felt were the most valuable + vulnerable.  The instagram posts below are the ones that I feel show my heart + my mission to inspire and educate YOU.  I am on social media to give, not to gain affirmation that I am pretty or fit.  I am there to serve.

Without further ado, let’s reveal my top nine and WHY I feel they deserve recognition.

These are not in order of importance. They are chronological, from the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2017.  I do however feel they get better throughout the year.

#9 My first ever FreeWorkoutFriday video

This was the first time I gave y’all a workout you could do at home. It was when I upped my video + content game to provide you with a higher value through social media.  This was really a turning point for me and my plan for you + your needs.  You can see more #freeworkoutfriday’s here.

#8 My “movement” video

Before I was on the Women’s Strength Summit with Steph Gaudreau I threw together this video with my thoughts on “movement” and what it means to me.  This video is my soul when it comes to my perspective on people moving their bodies.  It IS NOT about freaking looking good. Of course I don’t hate looking “fit,” but that is certainly NOT the driving force behind WHY I move my body.

#7 Reflecting on my dreams + encouraging you to do the same

I cried when I wrote this instagram post.  I don’t cry very often.  When I do it actually catches my be surprise.  The water works started because I was where this post was.  The things I have prayed for, and dreamt about have become realities.  That’s insane! So often I find myself just reaching for the next goal, never being satisfied.  We often don’t slow down enough to be grateful.  It is something I struggle with but LOVE doing when I make time.  It is so essential for growth to slow down + remain grateful. I feel like I need that tattooed on my forehead sometimes, I swear.  This post was for you and me both.  I just wanted you to slow down, and reflect in this crazy fast-paced society we live in.

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Long Post: Read for inspiration 👉🏽 I'd never heard the "the harder you work the luckier you get" until reading a caption for this post. I think people see the here and now of someone else and think they are an overnight success. Very rarely is someone actually an overnight success. • More often than not someone has been working their ass off behind the scenes for several years. For literally countless hours…Like if you counted the hours of their day and night that went into growing their business or brand or product or physique or artistic masterpiece it would be nearly nonstop. • I think this is somewhat inevitable when you are taking a risk to start your own gig, to move towards a big goal or make real change. Plus you really do love what you are doing so you don't think about the fact that you're working 70 hours a week or more to build that empire. • With that said, what sticks out to me about the quote above is that you have to be quiet and take time to reflect in order to have the realization that you're living out what you once prayed for. Reflecting is one of my favorite things to do. We work hard and we are our greatest critic. We are rarely satisfied and we want to grow bigger, affect more people, generate revenue, get stronger, whatever. I think that these things are necessary in order to grow a business that is truly successful, or to reach ANY massive-impact goal. • I also think that self-improvement and reflection can have an insanely positive impact on that business or goal. You affect people daily whether you want to or not. Take time to reflect and grow yourself. It will absolutely help the people that you are around on a daily basis. Whether you are running a business, going to your CrossFit gym, your college class, or going to your 9-5 job. Dream big + remain grateful and proud of how far you have come.

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#6 The “I don’t care what people think” post

This bad boy was food for thought. On social media I just saw such a facade on across accounts I followed.  I wanted to address it and challenge you to challenge your own walls/facades.  I know this is a “fitness” account but I really just want to make humans better.  A huge part of fitness is mindset and self love.  This post was all about that.

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Let's talk about value. I see a lot of people preaching "don't care what other think of you, you do you." This is assuming people care about what others think of them. If that wasn't an issue or "commonality" it would not have a place or influence on social media platforms. • Don't get me wrong. I agree that people should spend their lives embracing and chipping away at themselves to find who they are + become the best version of themselves. But I want to challenge you… • It's clear we care what people think of us on some level. It absolutely has an influence on how we act, the words we use, and what we decide to put out into the world. I think the more important thing to look at is who are the people we care about what they think of us? Why do we value what they think of us? Are we dependent on what they think of us? Or do we simply value that relationship or person and their thoughts? Do their thoughts about you DEFINE you or so simply care about their input and influence in YOUR LIFE? • I absolutely care what my husband thinks of me; I care what @aliybobba, @kirstgalanter, and @pgmajor think of me. These are people close to my heart, close to my life and have influence in my life. They are here to refine and keep me accountable to who I am. As I am to them. Do you follow this train of thought? • On the contrary I have zero cares for something someone on Instagram thinks of me whom I have NO connection or relationship with. They simply don't have a say in my life, my values or who I am at my core. But others DO. And I care what those people think because I value their vision into my life and what I choose to do with it. • So, this extreme perspective of "DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS. DO WHAT YOU WANT" is a message being spread with good intention. I truly believe that, but we also need to dive deeper into why we care what certain people think of us in the first place. Where does your value lie and what shifts in mindset and self love need to take place…rather than just saying "F*** everyone else. Let me live my life." I don't think that is a productive way of thinking. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Thoughts anyone? 😂😘🤗 Thanks for reading if you're still here. Much love

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#5 Spain train reflection

I wrote this post when I was on the train from Barcelona to San Sebastian in Spain. Tears ran before writing this one too. I think I just cry when I reflect because I am so passionate about what I am doing + grateful for the fact that it is even a possibility. In regards to this post, I wanted to inspire. I don’t “fit the mold” of the American Dream.  YOU are YOU and you have the passions + interests you have for a reason.  My desire was for you to dream big and be open to growing in whatever direction you need to grow in.  I believe you should take leaps, and risks.  Some calculated, some not so much.  You’ll be a better human because of it.

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I am a home body. I went to community college, went to a tiny private university that was half the size of my high school and lived at home with my mom until I got married. I would much rather stay in my home, in silence, going about my business than go out with friends. Yet somehow I was born with the pull to travel + seek adventure. My family has told me I march to the beat of my own drum since I was 4 years old with ambition to be a dinosaur. If you feel pulled in a direction other than that of the norm or what society says you should be doing, GO FOR IT. I am giving you permission💁🏻. • People see other people's lives, experiences, adventures, achievements etc. They see these and think "I want to do that". And then nothing happens to actually move in that direction. The only thing stopping you from doing the things your soul desires is YOU. You are what stands in your way. • You see someone on IG traveling, or adventuring, working for themselves. You want that? MAKE. IT. HAPPEN. It sounds cliche but I am being so serious with you. I bought tickets to Spain on a whim in November of 2016 because I saw an awesome deal on Facebook. Did I have the means to go? HELL. NO. 😂🙅🏻🤦🏻‍♀️ But I had no doubt I would make that 💩 happen. And you know what? If I didn't, it wouldn't have been the end of the world and I'd have AMAZING experiences to share with people nonetheless. • What's the worse case scenario if you go for your biggest WANT?… • If you want the white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a house with a red door, THAT'S AWESOME. If that's what you're called to, what you will absolutely LOVE with no regret, then you'll be amazing at it and that will serve the people around you…but if you feel called to something else, DON'T IGNORE IT. • Take it from an intensely introverted home body who said NO to mainstream personal trainer-ship, who said YES to the sacrifice of running her own business and who is making world travel a reality she never imagined possible. I've got big plans for the future of fitdesignbyannie + travel. I don't have a map or actual plan 🤔😂🤷🏻‍♀️ but I am SO THANKFUL that you trust and support me. Your life doesn't HAVE to be "normal" 😘

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#4 Calling you out + holding a standard

This was a little tough love for you. Maybe it applies to you, maybe it doesn’t. But either way I felt the overall message of “fulfill your potential + use your resources” was a pretty applicable message no matter what.  Excuses don’t suit you.  I just wanted you to know you’ve got a lot more to give than you might think before you peace out or give up.  And no one is going to do it for you.

Basically I like some tough love and don’t think there is enough of it around these days.  Allow me…

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Brace yourself…In cheer we call them gym hoppers. In church, church hoppers. Idk what you call it in crossfit, but I’m sure this applies. What I have to say today applies to leaving any community or place you have been committed to, even just one time. Maybe it is because loyalty is at my core, but this is a subject I am very passionate about + a subject I haven’t talked about. So here goes. • If you’re leaving a church, it best be because The Good Lord himself is calling you there, or there is a community there you’re wanting to be a part of. Not because you’re lazy (depending on your pastor to make you feel all the things) or angry at your church/pastor. • If you’re leaving a gym or box, the ONLY reason I can see is for better coaching or resources. For instance you want to compete on a team at the games and your box doesn’t have one, or you’re a LEGIT level 5 athlete and your gym doesn’t have that. BUT you better have done EVERYTHING in your power first in order to improve to the best of your abilities, used every resource available to you and worked your 🍑 off #noexcuses. • Other than that, be loyal and put in the WORK. What is really the end goal for you wherever you are? Church, cheer gym or box. Is leaving the BEST and most honorable decision you can make? If you don’t care about those things, well then ✌🏾 it makes sense. There are PLENTY of people out there getting better by them damn selves in a garage, in a back yard with make shift mats, and house churches all over. Don’t blame your box, your church, or gym for your lack of progress. 😾🙄🙅🏻 You know me, #makeithappen and God Bless the Girl Scouts for teaching me to “always use my resources wisely” 😂🙌🏽 That shit sticks with you whether it’s finding dry wood in a forest, tying knots or getting creative with workout machines. 🌲🔥💪🏽😂. • Moral of the story? Your progress is up to you. Once you’ve reached your full potential wherever you are + depleted your resources, then move on if that fits your goals. Move on in an HONORABLE way, thanking those who have lead you thus far, with their blessing. Just some food for thought today. Ya feel me?

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#3 Injury relation

Most of us have been injured.  I posted this for myself.  I needed a reminder.  So I thought I would just share it with you. It was a valuable reminder for me, and I figured it couldn’t hurt to pass it on.  I loved the messages + comments relating to the struggle of being injured or just wanting your body to be capable of what it once was.  I’m finding these posts are anything but the “prettiest/put together” instagram posts…

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REAL TALK: Just over wanting my shoulders back. This post is where I’m at. Excuse the authenticity. I have not taken care of my shoulder the way I should have the last few months. 👉🏽 To all my ladies who know what their body was once capable of and just wanting to be back there. This is to you and me both sister. There is a reason you are where you are now. Whether from injury, overuse, or inactivity fallowed by volume or load that your body couldn’t handle at the time. To get back to where you once were you’ll need to take the time to find out what the issue was that caused the injury in the first place. You’ll need to see a professional. Possibly several, until you actually find one who sees eye to eye with you and has your best interest in mind. From there you’ll need a plan. Not “rest until it’s better” (barf). How are you going to actually GET BACK to where you were? Adding volume with less load? More tempo work? More mobility work? Do you need manual therapy? Specified core work? What specifically needs to happen based on what caused the issue? Take action, be patient and be persistent. You certainly won’t get where you want to be by doing nothing or half-assing it. You’re going to get frustrated -with yourself, with time, with the medical field, etc. That’s okay. You’re passionate about your body and its ability, the way it makes you feel to move. You wouldn’t care if you didn’t. Keep moving forward. You’re in control of the outcome…Note to myself. If you’ve been there or relate, holler at your girl 🙋🏻 pc:@pgmajor

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#2 Upping the education

This is where we are heading in 2018.  The reaction to this post and the first KB post were a definite sign that you are wanting solid, clear cut education.  I am beyond excited and happy to provide that for you.  Every time I post something on instagram I am taking a risk. How will it be received?  Is it content that really provides value or a good laugh?  This was awesome content for you + inspiring for me.

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KETTLE BELL ROMANIAN DEADLIFT. Rules apply for ANY Romanian Deadlift. Dumbbell, Barbell, hex bar, from a deficit, etc. Getting better at these videos and hope to make more as feel they are simple, visual and to the point. So here’ goes. YES: Ribcage is pinned down Lats are tight The hinge happens at the hips 👉🏽 causing tension in the hamstrings KB stays over the center of the foot NO: Core is disengaged Lats are disengaged Scapulas are not retracted and depressed (pinched down and back) Hinge takes place in the lumbar spine 👉🏽 causing tension in the erector spinae rather than the hamstrings KB is out in front rather than center of foot • A common misconception with RDL’s (especially single leg) is that the weight needs to touch the floor. NOPE. Def not a requirement. Descend until you feel tension in the hamstrings, keep a neutral spine with tight lats and SQUEEZE the glutes and hamstrings to extend the hips. Side note: at the top 👉🏽 KEEP THE SPINE TALL and avoids hyperextending the lumbar spine. Tight abs tight ass, nothing more. 😘 • 👇🏽🤷🏻‍♀️What exercise should I do next!? Comment below and let me know!

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#1 Don’t be a d*** + have good form

This might just be my favorite post to date. It is a combination of humor + TRUTH.  Although I don’t give form tips, or direct help to you; this instagram post communicates and makes clear what I stand for.  I don’t care how much weight you lift, I care what your body looks like + feels like while lifting it, and I hold a standard of being a decent human in the gym.  I enjoyed making it, you clearly enjoyed watching it. It was truly a win-win.

That my friend is my top 9 of 2017.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Did you love these posts?  What were your favorite posts this year? I want to hear from you!

Leave me a comment below with what you’re thinking!

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