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April 25, 2019

Singapore Travel Guide + An Honest Review

Three day recap + what you need to know before you go to Singapore

Singapore – What to do + An Honest Review

Singapore is essentially man-curated nature, futuristic architecture, and an abundance of tourist funded attractions where these can be viewed from.

Below are a list of activities (some we did, some we didn’t) and information on each.

The Singapore Zoo

$35/person (including bird park)

People rave about the Singapore Zoo. Here’s the thing, I should have kept realistic exceptions. Because when people rave, I expect really freaking cool things.

It’s a zoo with great landscaping…that’s really what’s going on here. So sure, I’ll tell you to go because that’s what you do in Singapore. You do the tourist things. But lower your expectations, and you’ll probably have a better time.

The bird park

We got the ticket that included the bird park. We did this because the bird park in Foz De Igazu Brazil ended up being our favorite part of the entire tour. So we thought hell yeah! Add the bird park!

These photos are of a few birds not behind bars in a thicket.

Don’t add the bird park. Just don’t. It’s a glorified bird cage. There are very few areas where you can actually walk in the same area s the birds. Nearly the entire park was open in Brazil, with different birds coexisting. In the Singapore bird park the majority are separated into large individual cages with heavy foliage. I am no trying to hardcore hate on the bird park. Truly. The fact that we have been to the Foz De Iguazu one just changes our perspective. But even without that, I just wasn’t impressed. And it’s a 30 minute drive from the zoo. Save your money and go explore a different area of Singapore.


Garden by the bay

28/person for cloud forest and flower dome +8/person for super tree sky bridge

An honest review + what to do in SingaporeEverything you need to know before you visit SingaporeWhat to know before yo visit Singapore

Cloud forest – worth it.

Flower dome – I see why you can’t buy tickets to only one of these.

No one would visit the flower dome if you could. It’s not that bad. But in comparison to the cloud dome, it’s nothing to get excited about. Yet still, I say do it. You’re there and it’s literally connected to the cloud forest.

What to do and see in Singapore + an honest review An honest review of Singapore + what to doWhat to do and see in SingaporeSingapore Travel Guide + Honest ReviewMust do's and don'ts in Singapore

Pay the extra $8 for the sky bridge FOR SURE. This is where you can really see the garden in all it’s glory. When you pay, you’ll get a time slot during which you enter the queue. You cannot enter the queue before this time. Nor can you enter once your time slot has passed. So get your ticket and just hang out near the queue. There didn’t seem to be more than 30 people on the skywalk at a time. Take in the views, snap some pics, walk the walk and then head down to the green space and await the light show.

Singapore Travel Guide with Annie Millerwhat to do and see in Singapore + an honest reviewWhat to do and see while visiting SingaporeAn honest review of our three days in SingaporeYour honest Singapore Travel Guide


Stay until 7:45-8. There is a musical light show under the super trees. Leave early to beat what seems like half of Singapore trying to exit via the taxi queue.

We were there on a Saturday night. So there is every chance that we picked a far busier evening than usual.

The show lasts three songs, or at least ours did. So in the middle of song three, I’d start creeping towards the exit.


You could spend a whole day just exploring Chinatown. We went after our zoo and bird park extravaganza, ate one meal, took some photos and left.

But we could see temples, all sorts of little shops, the Chinatown Heritage Center, and more. Going to this area is free, so if you’re looking for a tourist activity that doesn’t cost 50-70 USD, do this.


What to do in SingaporeSingapore travelers guide + an honest reviewWhat you need to know before you go - SingaporeThree days in Singapore - An honest reviewWhat you need to know before you go - SingaporeMust do's and don'ts in SingaporeMust do's and don'ts in Singapore

Other activities

Take a ride in the cable cars (we wanted to do this but it was across town and we were all “activitied” out.

Splurge on a roof top bar experience

Run or bike the waterfront

Eat in Little India


We stayed at the M Social. Honestly it was great besides the room being TINY. The front desk got us a taxi almost daily. We never waited more than 1 minute for them to arrive, the room was very clean and modern. The roof top pool didn’t suck, and it was in the business district. It was a great value in the area and for the normal price points in Singapore.

I would stay closer to food options if there was a next time. Or possibly closer to the bay. Singapore is small. So you’re never way out of the way, but I didn’t fancy getting a taxi every time we wanted to go somewhere or do something.

Overall I am glad we went to Singapore. I was excited to go. It fulfilled my nature + architectural expectations. So it’s crossed off the list and I won’t be going back. But if you are in Southeast Asia and need a quick stopover, Singapore is perfect. Just prepare to pay $67 USD for a yogurt and granola, latte, juice and eggs Benedict.

What to do and see in Singapore What to do and see in Singapore + an honest review

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