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February 24, 2021

Social Media Strategy for Introverts

Social media strategy for introverts with Annie Miller

Contrary to what one might think, social media is GREAT for introverts. Yep. I said it.

“But Annie, I hate getting in front of the camera, or having my photo taken.” I get it. I do. And, while I took part in competitive cheer (highly energetic performing art), I prefer to work behind the scenes. By no means do I seek or enjoy being the center of attention. Zero percent, my friend.

Let us define “introvert” and some pieces within that. The word is thrown around quite a bit but I don’t think there may be some common misconceptions as well.

According to Oxford Languages, introvert is defined as “a shy, reticent person.” And reticent is “not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily.” My guess is that you feel seen by the last bit, there.

I’ve heard it said that introvert and extrovert have more to do with out you “recharge” than how you function on a daily basis. Now, I don’t know how much truth there is to that. What I know is that I could stay home by myself all day, with no music, no outward stimulation and feel accomplished, fulfilled, and at peace. And that when I have to “people” it feels like a chore unless I am very well established with whomever I’m visiting.

AND – I know that I’ve successfully built + run a multi-six figure business from behind a multitude of screens (enter my phone, laptop and desktop).

You CAN be an introvert of introverts AND the face of your biz. Allow me to enlighten you, my fellow introvert. Before we dive in, I called this post “strategy”…and while there is some strategy, I am more-so challenging you…

Annie Miller shares social media strategy for introverts

I will use Instagram pretty heavily as my example because this is, at the time, where people show up daily with their face, and speak to a camera, or share their thoughts. And that can feel daunting.

Social media allows you to be the introvert that you are while reaching hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people…without actually having to “people” – HELLO, THIS IS BEST DAY EVER.

I know, you’re welcome. If you’re still like “but I am so afraid,” then consider the mindset shifts below:

  • You’re talking to ONE PERSON, think of a friend – your content will feel far more relational, and less “forced”
  • Confidence comes through competence – fact is the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll be doing it.
  • You can’t find your voice without using it – you’ve got to practice USING your voice in order to hone in on your message.

Pre-recording video for IG stories and FB content is something I found extremely helpful when I was first starting out with video content, and something that I have re-adopted in 2021.

Recording live in your stories is convenient, but doing it ahead of time in your camera roll can be helpful for two reasons:

  1. Room for multiple tries
  2. It allows you to spend less time “on the app” – it can feel like you don’t have to be as “on” as when you’re recording direct in the app. Give it a try for a week or two. See how you feel.

Number two brings me to the last point…

Batching is an introvert’s best friend

Prepare your content (posts or video) ahead of time. This allows you to remain more behind the scenes. That way, when you go to the app, you simply upload your content, interact for a bit if that’s needed, and get off. You’re not adding stress about OMG WHAT DO I POST? WHAT DO I SAY?!

Help yourself and plan ahead. Prepare. Be on your own team!

The last thing I’ll say is…being an introvert can be a lovely gift on social media. We’re often introspective and have a lot to say about a lot of things. Don’t let the “shy” piece of you hold that back. I challenge you if you hold on to the narrative that you can’t show up because you’re an introvert, because you’re shy.

  • Is it shyness? Or insecurity?
  • Is it shyness? Or a fear of failure?
  • Is it shyness? Or fear of rejection? Of judgement? Of looking stupid?

Let’s call it what it is one way or another. You’ve got something to offer. You’ve got thoughts. And the world deserves to hear them.

The more you understand about yourself, the way you function, think and feel, the better I believe you’ll be at showing up on social media and in your biz, as an introvert.

Implement some of these strategies, ask hard questions, make some kick ass, aligned content, and I’ll see ya out there. Looking for more business knowledge from this introverted entrepreneur? Then check out the programs like Instagram 101 or download my FREE ideal client avatar here!

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