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January 16, 2017


Whey protein. Vegan plant-based protein. Rice protein. Pre-workout. Amino acids. BCAA’s. Glutamine. Probiotics. MCT oil. Vitamins. Minerals. Sleep agents… THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

I get asked A LOT about what I take for supplementation.  

To be honest, there’s A LOT of information out there about supplements and it can be EXTREMELY difficult to sift through even as an educated trainer.

Know that you are not alone in your stand still bit of confusion.

I started taking supplements four years ago. Before the, I had no idea what the heck to take…So naturally, I just ate all the food.

Let’s start with the basics: what is a supplement? 

Any ingestible aid which improves the way your body functions outside of your normal food and water intake. {my definition}

Supplements should NEVER be your main source of nutrients or calorie intake.  They are meant to SUPPLEMENT a normal healthy diet. 

I use Vega protein or Orgain Protein, both of which I purchase at Costco.  I will drink this with nothing but water immediately following my workout.  If I don’t workout, I typically still drink the protein with a snack just to keep my protein high.

I put MCT oil in my coffee almost every morning.

I take vitamin C, vitamin D – hatred for the gloomy days in the PNW – and vitamin B-12 in the morning with breakfast. 

I take a powder mix form of magnesium at night time.

NO, I do not use a pre-workout, simply because I don’t feel the need. That does not however mean that you shouldn’t take one.

Do you need to take the supplements I listed? 

I haven’t the slightest clue because I am NOT a doctor.  Through research, trial and error, and obviously input from a medical professional, the list above are the supplements I take.

CLICK HERE to see what brands and supplements I suggest. Clients get 10% off. Whoop whoop!

Again, I am not a doctor but I know it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start.  Always ask your doc first before taking any supplements.  They typically know what’s up. And no two people need the exact same concoction. {hehe}

Have grace for yourself and LET’S DO THIS! 

P.S. If you have a friend who has been thinking about trying out some supplements, TAG HER IN THE COMMENTS so she can get an educated start! xoxo

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