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May 30, 2022

Two Simple Methods For Consistent Content Creation

Two Simple Methods For Consistent Content Creation with Annie Miller

Struggle with consistent content creation?

Tip for people building a brand and/or business on any social media app: Content is king. I was taken back the other day about how amazing it is to live in a time where entrepreneurs can leverage FREE apps and put out content every single day in order to potentially get in front of prospects. As frustrating as they can be, this is an amazing opportunity that we all ought to take full advantage of.

We need to provide such value for free that our audience members say, “wow they’ve given me so much already, I can’t even imagine how much more they can give me for REAL MONEY!”

If we know quality content is needed in decently high frequencies to build an audience primed to BUY, then it behooves us to make creating content EASIER. Yes? YES.

So – swipe below, and let me know which approach you tend towards? Web? Or Mother categories?

  • two methods for consistent content creation with Annie Miller
  • Web method for content creation with Annie Miller
  • Mother Categories for content creation with Annie Miller

Often times, I hear creators say that they just aren’t inspired or motivated to draft up content or write captions. But here’s the thing, you aren’t creating content for YOU. Content creation is for your ideal client. And if you know who that is, and what they need, then creating content is simply repeating your cycle of categories and topics – hitting them from different angles and perspectives.

When business clients tell me they feel like they are repeating themselves, I say “GOOD!!! YOU SHOULD BE!” That is precisely how you become known for a given approach or philosophy! And that better aligns your audience with you. Sounds like a win to me!

Now, with all that I fully understand the desire to create while you DO feel inspired. I certainly think that passion and joy comes through the content. So, ride those waves and batch as much content as possible when you’re in that state. But also, the more reps you put in, the better you’ll become at content creation in any “state.”

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