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June 17, 2021

Why You’re Not Getting Clients & How To Fix It

Not getting clients? Annie Miller can help

If you’re an online coach, you need clients. But that’s easier said than done, right? There is this fairytale narrative around “you have access to millions of people online – you should be able to fill a roster.” While that might be true from a very BROAD view, it’s not the case for most coaches.

So I’m feelin’ spicy.These are going to be VERY straight forward. I filled 9 of 15 promo spots for Built By Annie in the first 45 minutes of opening the doors to the waitlist and filled all 15 before we even went public the launch after that. I say that to show you that I don’t have all the answers, but I have filled rosters with clients successfully for YEARS.

Thus, these are some things that may be holding you back if you’re an online coach.

Let me know which sticks with you:

❌You lack confidence in your offer.
Likely because you’re unclear on something – the promised result, the process for instance. Your uncertainty permeates your sales/marketing/launch.

❌Your promise is unclear.
What are you selling? What is the big takeaway? What’s the result? In FitsPRO this is your ONE-LINER, help statement, only statement for the program. This is likely not “strength” “confidence” or “food freedom” – it may be, but are you clearly communicating that?
Example: for BBA, I sell an educated approach to the gym, and joy during your lifts. I don’t sell strength, mobility, work capacity, improved movement patterns. Those are a by-product and part of the HOW, but not the result I sell.

❌ You’re not clear on WHO it’s for
(who can you offer something to someone when you’re not even sure if it’s right for them?).

❌ You haven’t effectively removed roadblocks.
We don’t want to question or fight objections that are legit/not a good fit. But we do want to aid in the removal of hesitation if we can. Identifying and preparing for these is wildly helpful.

❌Your launch sucks.
Most people’s launches suck, let’s be honest. You need a launch map that includes the five needed pieces, and six phases of a launch (what I teach inside FitsPRO). If you lose momentum or your messaging is unclear, you’re leaving clients on the fence instead of in your program.

❌Your marketing is failing to connect.
Relating to where the clients are NOW, understanding where they want to be.

❌Your process is unclear.
For a buyer who needs to understand the HOW, this portion of your sales is vital. What is your signature process? This applies to 1:1, and membership. If it’s one time purchase resource, the “process” is “what’s included” – what does the resource included?

Whether you use a sales page, application process, sales calls or a combination, which of these holds you back from making sales? 👇🏽

Let me know in the comments below!

Lastly, if you’re here for the business side of things, then go ahead and join my free on demand workshop, Your Biz | Your Way – 3 steps to build a profitable online health and fitness biz!

And while you’re on the site, snag all the free resources – you’ll find goodies for trainees and coaches or entrepreneurs alike. Much love.

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