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June 25, 2019

026 | How To Deal With Unruly Clients

Tips on dealing with unruly clients with Annie Miller of The FitsPRO Podcast

How to deal with unruly clients

I want to start off by saying that this was a suggested it podcast topic. And at first I rolled my eyes at it. Because I no longer have these or have to deal with them. But then thought back to the time in my business when I did have to deal with this type of client.

Today is where I share what I did in my business in order to weed out unruly clients.

First off, you need to take responsibility for that type of client being attracted to you, and you allowing them to purchase your program or enroll in your course. Because you are ultimately in control, or you can be in control over who you work with as a coach.

So if you were unaware of that until this moment, as a trainer please know that there are ways that you can control who works with you and who you filter out of working with you.

Now in today’s episode, we cover two kinds of topics in regards to these unruly clients. And I guess I am defining an unruly client as anyone you don’t want to work with and is a pain in your ass as a trainer. And mind you that doesn’t mean it’s a them thing or a you thing. It just means that you weren’t a good fit for one another but somehow they were still able to sign up for and enroll in your program. Which is what we’re going to fix for you today.

After this podcast there should be no more unruly clients for you. But if someone happens to fake their way into your program, and they shouldn’t be there or it’s not a good fit, I am also going to give you tools and tactics to break that relationship so that it’s a win-win for both of you.

Again, this is not about someone being a BAD client, or you being a BAD trainer. It’s about client and trainer not being a good fit for one another.

Scenario number one is the fact that the person got into training with you and they shouldn’t have.

Scenario number two is how to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The solutions we cover in this episode are pulled from FitsPRO foundations, because we want our programming to be a win-win for us and for the client. And having unruly clients is just really not winning for anyone.

And I feel like this is most common with new coaches or people just starting out. You need money and want experience. And to be frank, there may be a level of desperation there as well. So you take anyone and everyone as a client. I did it. Most people I know did it. And all of us will tell you right now, it’s literally not worth it. Trust me, you REALLY don’t need experience working with people you don’t want to work with.

But I encourage those of you coaches early in your careers to be patient. Get clear on your ideal client and the specific niche that you help, get clear on your website or sales page copy, and implement an application process NOW, in the beginning.

Everyone is not a good fit for you, and you are not a good fit for everyone.

Be sure to tune in and listen to this episode. Take notes, and USE the knowledge and experience I am throwing down. Even if you don’t have or haven’t had “unruly” clients, these tactics and systems will be helpful to you.

Hopefully by implementing what you learn today, you’ll be able to weed out those potentially unruly clients and attract more of your dream clients.

If you don’t know, or haven’t downloaded it already, I have an ideal client avatar creator which we use inside FitsPRO Foundations to determine who exactly your ideal client is and how you can speak better to them. I will make sure to put that in the show notes so that you can download it if you’re interested in that. It’s FO FREE. So have at it.

If you find value here, on The FitsPRO Podcast, then pretty please head over to itunes, subscribe, rate and review the show. It means the world to me when you spread my message to more humans.

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