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October 1, 2019

039 | How To Take Action On Your Dreams

How to take action on your dreams with Annie Miller of The FitsPRO Podcast


If imma be straight up with you, I get super irritated when people sit on their rear ends when they could be working towards their dreams.

As Rachel Hollis would say, I literally want to shake them until they get it, until they believe they are worth it.

I don’t need you to drop your whole life, and put all your eggs in your dream basket. Sometimes I think that’s what holds people back. Perhaps they think it has to be all or nothing. And it doesn’t.

Buuuuuttttt I do see a lot of humans making NO PROGRESS towards the actual life they want for themselves.

And I dislike that. If you’re in my fam, I want you to live out your highest purpose. Whatever that is. Whatever that looks like for you.

I want people to bet on themselves. Whether that’s with an actual monetary investment or just taking action with the belief that they CAN make it happen.

I have a notebook and a canvas in my office that both say “make it happen.”

That is the very phrase that got me through my first few years of biz and still gets me to take action through adversity today.

The simple believe that I can make it happen. That whatever “it” is, is in the cards for me.

But friend, you can’t make your dreams happen without ACTION.

I swear this episode isn’t just me complaining and expressing my irritation with people lack of dream chasing. Its intended to show you actual tools you can use to start taking steps towards that dream. To share tools to help you TAKE ACTION.

The first step for me is something I learned in The 4-Hour Workweek (by Tim Ferriss), one of my fav books. The purpose of this practice is to identify what’s holding you back, your road block. Once you identify it, you then need to take the power away from that “thing.” (Whatever your road block may be).


Ask the hard questions:

  • First: what’s the worst that can happen?
  • Then: how might you come back from that?

This is not expecting failure, this is moving past and taking the weight off that fear of failure (whatever that is for you).

And I need you to go deep here, like think about the ACTUAL worst thing that could happen….


Then, take a deep breath, and let that shit go.
Hopefully you feel less bogged down and restricted by that weight.

I do want to mention that fear will be ever present when chasing dreams, but it doesn’t need to be the driver of your decision making.

Moving on.


Work backward:

You don’t need to know all the details. This is not meant to overwhelm you. But you do need to start by asking yourself a few questions. What do you want? What’s the outcome you’re shooting for?

And this doesn’t even have to be starting a business. This is personal to you. That thing that keeps you up at night. That’s your dream, that’s what I’m talking about.

When I started my biz online, I knew the dream was to work from home, to roll out of bed without an alarm, and go about my day as I pleased. It wasn’t to get a barbell in every woman’s hand, or help people live their best life. That is 100% NOT what drove me to build this business.

I don’t actually know if I’ve ever talked about that before, or not in such a clear manner…

So yes, the human body and education are my passions. But, they are simply the means by which I achieved my BIG GOAL.

Only you know your goal, what IS YOUR goal?

For me it was literally to work online…

Soooooo now we work backward.

What might I do online?

Where can I build an audience? Because I will need clients, people will need to buy my services. But they won’t just do that without knowing me, right?

Great, so I need to be online SOMEWHERE.

Hello Instagram.

Now, already. ALREADY you are taking action towards your dream just by doing these exercises. CELEBRATE THAT! Celebrate that you are not just thinking about your dream. It’s not an unattainable fairy tale. You’re entertaining and exploring how this may indeed happen.

So, I got on Instagram. Didn’t know a thing about it. You guys, literally ANYTHING. Take 10 minutes of your life and scroll back to the beginning. I leave it there for a reason. So you can see what it looks like to just START.

We continue working backward.

Big goal: work from home, in my robe, without waking up to an alarm or being restricted by a schedule.

Gotta get online —> joined Instagram.

Let’s be clear that I was still in school, working with in person clients, interning, and coaching competitive cheer.

This is what it can look like to just start. Reiterating that you don’t need to go all in. You absolutely can, but know that you also have options.

If you literally just do that. Just choose the simplest task you can. It can be SO SMALL. What is an action you can take now towards your goal?

You don’t need anything else figured out okay?

You’re never going to have everything figured out. So just let go of that now.

Is it saving for a house? Starting a business? Leaving your job? Traveling more? Teaching in a third world country? Being a stay at home mom? Getting a certain degree? I don’t know what it is for you. But you do. And you have to trust yourself.

Could you set a date to sit down and look at your money? To explore where you can start saving for that house?

Could you spend 1 hour researching places to travel? Buy a ticket and plan later?

Could you start an account wherever it makes sense for your dream business?

What can you do now? DO THAT. Take action, start to build momentum in the direction of your dream.


The third is two fold.

Part one – I need you to hear me.

Yes, timing is a thing, okay?

But you are NEVER going to feel ready. EVER. You will be paralyzed FIVE EVER if you keep waiting for a sign, or to feel ready. Bitch, BE YOUR OWN SIGN. THIS IS YOUR SIGN! I will be your sign!!!

Your dream is in your brain, THAT’S YOUR SIGN!!! Sis, it’s not just chillin there for fun.

So…part one. Know that waiting to feel ready is not doing you any good. You ain’t evuh gonna be ready. And it’s more often than not an excuse to stay in your fear filled comfort zone.

Part two helps combat part one.

I used to think these were silly and now I love them. Because through group counseling, the Bible, and reading about neuroscience and the limbic system…I have found that the brain is a VERY powerful tool for you and I. And I am not even CLOSE to understanding or exploring the full power of my own, BUT – part two definitely challenges that.

Part two is having and practicing AFFIRMATIONS in regards to your dream.

I did this when I wanted to make 10k per month but had no clue how was going to make that happen.

I just said to myself, often, I make 10k per month.

Now affirmations are nothing without ACTION, right?

Same with manifesting things.

I like to make this clear.

Manifestation and affirmation only work in the company of ACTION. What we focus on, grows, right? This is my opinion. You can have your own. 

And I support both.

While I love a dream, I also encourage you to be realistic with these practices. So perhaps you say your affirmation daily. Perhaps you sit down every Friday and repeat it 100 times. That’s up to you. 

And, that’s it. Ask the hardest question, look at possible outcomes. The worst is rarely as bad as we imagine and far less likely to happen than we think.

Then work backward from the dream, what’s the smallest or easiest thing you can do now?

Let go of “ready” and create a present tense affirmation or two regarding your dream.

Remember that action HAS TO HAPPEN and you CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, but girl you have got to get out of your own way.

And remember that taking ANY action on any of these tools IS moving towards your goal. And that’s a big deal.

If you find value here, on The FitsPRO Podcast, then pretty please head over to iTunes and subscribe, rate and review the show. It means the world to me when you spread my message to more humans.

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How to take action on your dreams with Annie Miller of The FitsPRO Podcast
How to take action on your dreams with Annie Miller of The FitsPRO Podcast

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