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June 2, 2020

073 | My Favorite Resources For Entrepreneurs [full guide]

Top resources for entrepreneurs with Annie Miller


I can’t tell you how often I get asked about books, courses, and resources in general for humans starting or running a business.

This episode is about to blow your freaking mind if that’s you.

Imma list off and break down all my favorite courses for building an online business. As well as resources for possible specific pieces of that business like podcasting, email, blogging & brand deals, launches, creating PDF’s and content, websites, Instagram, handling legal stuff and money.

Over the past five years I’ve learned a lot via trial and error and self research, as well asfrom taking courses from people who know how to do what I want to do.

Today I’m sharing literally everything I can think of with you. I seriously have so many things and resources that I wish I knew about earlier in business. So grab a pen and paper because I’m unloading on you in 3…2…1.

Let’s start off with courses you can purchase. These will cover several different areas of business. I have invested in all of these and most are worth the money. I say that because I didn’t need all of them necessarily.

Here we go.


This is an online course on how to set up your online business in a legally sound manner. Sam is a guest speaker inside the knowledge vault of FitsPRO Foundations as well. She covers everything from deciding to be LLC to group program terms to client contracts. You’ll get templates and learn what needs to be in your contracts + how to deliver those and stick to them so that you’re functioning as a legal business as well. I am currently using Sam’s course to redo all of my legal docs, terms, website disclaimers and contracts. I can’t say enough about this resource. Find the link to Sam’s course and her free on demand workshop in the show notes.

This is an oldy but a goody. This course took me from feeling defeated and lost on Instagram to feeling in control and like I could make things happen. I don’t know if the course has been updated or not, but I took it years ago. Like we’re talking 5 years ago. Obviously a lot has changed on Instagram but I still stand by this course. That’s because it teaches you about the basics. My Instagram course is significantly more in depth than this and is geared at building a brand and making money through the platform. But Hilary’s course is a cheaper option and like I said, really dives deep into the basics of what sets your account apart, makes you followable, and gives you interaction tactics.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive, definitely checkout my Instagram 101 course that covers everything from your bio to selling in your stories and tracking engagement. Find links for both in the show notes. I’ve taken other Instagram courses and quite frankly they just aren’t great.

I will also note here that I’ve tried a lot of planning apps for IG and don’t like any of them so I create my grid in canva and then keep my captions in my notes app.

And I use Lightroom to edit my photos.

I used and recommend his free three part series on how to start a podcast. He also has a full on course but the free three part series was literally perfect if you’re just starting out. You’ll go over naming the podcast, making the image, equipment, how to actually record, what software you need, where to host a podcast, how to edit, save, upload, format and schedule the podcast. Just all of the things. It was a serious life saver for me. So many people just said “well you just start it” when I’d ask about how to actually have a podcast. No TINA, that answer is false and there is a shit ton that goes into starting and launching a podcast. Thank you. Take Pat’s free situation. Link in show notes.

I took an intensive masterclass on launching with Isabella and I wasn’t blown away by it. I’ve mentioned that before. She did the masterclasses in preparation for launching the Lab, so that may be why. BUT I do think her Rocket Launcher Lab is probably worth the value based on her other offers. I don’t know if that was a one time thing or how often she opens it. Launching is a struggle for a lot of people and there are definitely tactics to help you feel good when launching. So, the course if available will be linked in the show notes.

Next up is finding an actual business course or coach.

  • A mentor or course to get you a foundation. Clear ideal client, your mission, your offer or offer suite etc. focus on what needs to be done rather than being overwhelmed by a to do list full of busy tasks.

Obviously I’m partial to my six week but lifetime access course, FitsPRO Foundations. I created this course because I felt it was needed and I was unsatisfied with other course options out there.

Another foundational self paced biz course is B school with Marie Forleo. This course is not specific to fitness professionals but will give you the structure you need to start a business.

Rachel Turner is a great biz coach for those who have hard to market offers and who feel a bit like a misfit in their field. I’ve taken her writing courses in the past and she’s also a guest speaker inside FitsPRO Foundations’ knowledge Vault.

Isabel Silverio also gets great results with her coaching. I haven’t hired her 1:1 but I have no doubt she’s the real deal.

I am quite unimpressed with everyone else I’ve watched, hired or heard of. You’d be surprised by some of the most “successful” programs you see out there. But I suppose we all have some unsatisfied clients. Moving on.

For money – read Profit First and listen to everything Chloe from Deeper than Money says. Just like Sam is my go to legal human, Chloe is the go to money human. All things mindset, tactics, saving, spending, business & personal finance, all is the things. She’s a millennial money coach. And she knows how to create wealth while you’re young. Chloe is also a speaker inside FitsPRO foundations and goes over some of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make with their mula. It’s great. She’s great. Check out her and her courses.

Now let’s dive into email – both from a email marketing program standpoint and email marketing geniuses.

Email Marketing Programs for humans just starting out to running a small business:

I would fully be using Flodesk if I wasn’t married to Mailchimp. I have so many templates and email drips going in Mailchimp I’d have a minor heart attack if I had to transfer that and lost anything in the process. Mailchimp works. And it’s simple but I have heard such amazing things about Flodesk. I believe Flodesk is cheaper than or comparably priced with Mailchimp.

I’ve never used but have heard great things about Convertkit as well.

These will all make your email delivery easy, preplanned and on brand.

The one thing I do love about Mailchimp is the ability to integrate with all my other platforms. That just makes my processes and client experience more seamless.

Imma give you three humans who master all things webinars, emails and automation.

They are:

Jenna Kutcher – she can grow a mailing list like a wild freaking banchee. Listen to her podcasts and download her freebies – which of course will require you to join her mailing list. She once mentioned that she was working on a six month long email drip campaign. Absolutely insane. She’s a master of email.

Amy Porterfield – I dare you to watch any of her webinars or lives and not buy what she’s selling. Good luck. Girlfriend creates webinars and emails that sell. One of my friends recently bought her course and as expected, it’s more legit than you can even comprehend. She’s a true professional and business woman. I don’t know the details of her course, I just know it’s probably way more value than you’re paying for and it will likely change your life. Download and apply anything free that Amy has, and listen to her podcast as well. No surprise her and Jenna are good friends.

Lastly, is my girl Margo Carroll.

She’s not as famous as Jenna or Amy, but is legit nonetheless. She is a funnel and email genius. It’s her specialty. Margo creates time and space for you. She uses email marketing and/or webinars in order to get your business working for you.

I will link all of these ladies and or their courses or social media accounts in the show notes.

Okay, that’s email marketing, on to websites and content creation.

These are strictly platforms and software. No courses or humans.


  • Squarespace for beginners
  • Wix
  • WordPress for blogging. That’s why I have Showit. I can customize EVERYTHING you can think of. Which is waaayyyy to overwhelming if you’re just starting out.
  • Landing pages
  • Hosing a course? Thinkific or kajabi

Design work and PDFs

  • Canva – you can pay for pro and have your brand colors and fonts saved. You also get access to more templates and design options.

This is where you can make workbooks, presentations, IG posts, Pinterest banners, Facebook banners, YouTube graphics. Literally anything. It can be overwhelming. Find your go to templates, save them, use them over and over again. This will take some time and trial and error.

  • THEN- use Adobe Acrobat for creating fillable or clickable PDFs, compressing them and making them easier for people to use who are downloading them digitally. So design happens in Canva, and then links, fillable areas and compression happens in Adobe. That’s exactly how I make things like the Big Lift Audit.

Lastly, these are some of my favorite books for entrepreneurs:

You already know:


The Four Hour Work Week

Profit First

The Big Leap

You are a Badass at Making Money

Most are on mindset and less tactical. But I believe mindset is possibly the largest piece of starting and running a sustainable business. Understanding people, how sales work, and why people buy. And then how to best use your time. Efficiency while providing value is the name of the game.

That’s it! All of the things! Check out the show notes and go learn + apply what you need right now!

Review of the week comes from Likingit123 and says,

“Annie is the real MVP! As a fellow strength coach I’m constantly impressed and inspired by her perspective on all things business, coaching and mindset. She does an incredible job across all her content spurring you to take action.“

Remember that until I am back in real time recording podcasts, you need to check the show notes (here) to see if you were review-er of the week, and then keep an eye out to see if you were listener of the month as well. That will be in the show notes and Annie’s Weekly Wrap. You can subscribe to Annie’s Weekly Wrap here!

Top resources for entrepreneurs with Annie Miller

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