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August 7, 2017


Let’s talk about controlling bloat…

On those times when you literally cant suck it in – when you feel like somehow over night you gained three pounds in your mid-section and you want nothing more than to lay in bed and cry…

Allow me to share my most popular post – both in comments and likes – from my instagram in 2016.  I will also share with you my 3 tricks to controlling bloat.

Here she goes:

“#transformationtuesday NOT.

This one goes out to all the ladies. 

Sometimes I feel like the picture on the left and sometimes I feel like the picture on the right. In reality it’s all the same. There is the same musculature underneath and my body fat percentage hasn’t changed.

Maybe I am on my menstrual cycle, or maybe I ate more carbs than usual, maybe I had one too many LeCroix and for whatever reason feel bloated and like I can’t suck it in for the life of me.

I am by no means calling myself fat or unpleased with my body. I am talking about how crazy it is that we can feel like the left one-day and wake up the next day feeling like the right.

Today I woke up feeling like the left. Drinking some tea, and going to bed hoping I wake up feeling like the right. If you’re feeling like the left, keep after it. Be consistent in your training, drink your water, eat low glycemic foods consistently, and love yourself.

P.s. Excuse my extreme forward head posture in this photo. Yikes!”

BEING A WOMAN IS NOT EASY.  Go into this week knowing you are not alone, you are a very specially created being, your body is capable of more than you think, you are in control of what you consume, and it isn’t always easy or comfortable to be a woman.  But there are ways we can minimize bloating.



1.    Only eat carbs around my workouts + low glycemic (sugar) diet.

2.    Focus on low sodium foods.

3.    Drink green tea throughout my day + lower intake of carbonated beverages.


{These have worked for me, that doesn’t mean they will 100% work for you}

I think it is vital for us to get to know our bodies better rather than just following someone else guide.  YES, look to others for things to try, but pay attention to how your body reacts to that trial.  Make adjustments as needed and focus on being more in tune with your body, ESPECIALLY as a woman. {high-five}.

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