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August 16, 2017


“Free guide to get rid of cellulite”

That was the tagline that hooked me.  It got me good.

I was scrolling Instagram and ran across a woman’s profile.  I hit up her website to see what type of services she offered and what her background was. She had the potential to be a person I looked up to based on her IG account.  Well….Let me tell you, that didn’t last long.

Shortly after her webpage loaded, I got a pop-up opt in.  It read, “Sign up for your free guide to get rid of cellulite.”  I thought HELL YES.  Gimme dat now!  So, I signed up. 

I was interested for myself, and hey, maybe this girl really did have some good points.  I wouldn’t know because the guide never came. It was a scam to get my email address for her mailing list. NOT COOL. That is beside the point.

Why?  Why did I sign up for that guide?  Would getting rid of my cellulite make me a happier person, make me stronger, increase my self-worth somehow, fix all the insecurities? HELL. NO. It wouldn’t.  We control how we feel and think about our bodies.  Quite frankly I was embarrassed that I even signed up for it.  Which is why I now get to share my experience with you. {hehe}

Fact of the matter was, even me, a well-educated, active, strong young lady was pulled in by the message of getting rid of cellulite.


Self-control and discipline. Drinking my beer is not in the equation. Something has to give.

If getting rid of all cellulite is the end goal, prepare yourself for a sad life.  You will in fact never be good enough; and even if you do get rid of all cellulite, the probability of you feeling accomplished is not super high my friend.  Cellulite is a bitch.  It is unfortunate that our society and world has skewed the definition of beauty.  Know that you are not alone in your insecurities.  Even your trainer gets sucked into the fitness facade from time to time.  

Yes, there are things we can do to minimize cellulite, but please please please don’t make that the focus of your health and fitness journey.  If in fact, it is the focus of your training, I encourage you to ask yourself why?  WHAT’S YOUR “WHY” FOR TRAINING?

Get strong, get faster, do more of what you love and fill your insides with joy until you are bursting at the seams. {definitely no pun intended}!  Your WHY should be deeper than cellulite, LITERALLY.  YOUR SOUL SHOULD BE INVOLVED.  You want to reach a certain goal, you want to leave a legacy for your children, you want to feel more alive, you want to prove that you CAN. Whatever it is, identify your WHY.

Cellulite is not your WHY.  If it is, find a new WHY. xoxo

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