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October 30, 2017

THE TRUTH ABOUT CELLULITE. Myth busting + fact giving post.


Holler at your Myth Busting – Fact Feeding post about cellulite.

For the most part, women hate it.  Some women might accept it. I accept mine, BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t have questions about it, where it comes from, what makes it go away and so on.

Does everyone have it? NO.  But if you do, you probably aren’t a fan and you need to read this.

Let’s start off by debunking some myths I have heard in my years in the fitness industry.

1.     Cellulite is from eating too much fat

2.     You get cellulite if you eat late at night

3.     You can massage it all away (this can be temporary…but the fat doesn’t go away!)

4.     If you exercise and eat healthy it will all go away **stick around for the explanation on this one.

5.     Only “fat” people have cellulite

6.   Cardio is the best way to get rid of it

7.    You can “spot train” cellulite away.

Now, let’s talk about what exactly cellulite is, what causes its APPEARANCE, and some general facts.

Here are photos of the anatomy of our adipose (fat) tissues and surrounding layers of tissue:

image 1 image 2



Very basic explanation of the photos above: The top layer is your skin (dermis – which also has several layers), then comes the superficial fat, a layer of fascia, deep fat, deep fascia below that and then your muscle.

That yellow bubbly substance is our adipose or fat layer.  Put simply, as that layer grows, it presses into our skin layer and creates pocket like appearances BECAUSE the cells are outgrowing their space between the Superficial Retinacula Cutis Fibers (the casings you see in the first set of photos connecting your deep fascia to the bottom level of the dermis [skin]).

NOTICE: The lipid (fat) cells in the first image are normal size.  The fat cells in the second photo are enlarged – THIS IS WHAT “CELLULITE” IS – fat cells outgrowing their home. “TIGHT FASCIA” DOES NOT CAUSE CELLULITE!

Now for the facts.

  • No one “likes” the appearance cellulite. We’re human, we like smooth, aesthetically appealing things.
  • I have cellulite. See it here 
  • Cellulite doesn’t define you, doesn’t take away your abilities, and doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy.
  • Women tend to carry more fat in their butt and thighs (weird…that’s where we tend to see cellulite) – thank you estrogen and years of genetics.
  • You can be skinny and have cellulite – fat cells don’t discriminate.
  •  A diet low in water and vitamins and minerals can increase the appearance of cellulite because of a malnourished connective tissue.
  • GENETICS: does your family have cellulite?  Congrats, you probably will too.
  • Consuming high sugar/inflammatory foods can increase fat stores and appearance of it.
  • Lifting weights builds muscle when paired with a proper diet. This decreases cellulite (lose fat, decrease the appearance of cellulite)
  • Having more muscle increases your metabolic rate (increases fat burning).
  • Creams, lasers, surgeries, pills, etc all work for a period of time – like less than a year, then what?…
  • Best case scenario is eating a balanced diet, high in protein and healthy fats, timing your carbs optimally, and participating in resistance training to decrease the appearance of cellulite.


I know you’re probably thinking, great…there is no cure and my hail damage is here to stay.

But let me ask you a question…If you work out, and eat well, does the fact that you have a few ripples de-value your strength and health?


I thought about posting my “cottage cheese” cheeks here but that requires me to post a photo of my bare bum and that’s just not going to happen.  I CAN however, tell you that I have literally not bought certain leggings because they increase the appearance of my dimples. So, know that you are NOT the only one who considers their fat pockets my friend.

I have cellulite, I have since high school.  I’m also 15-17% bodyfat…I also like living an 80/20 lifestyle.  I do drink beer and wine and go on dates with my husband to enjoy foods that are strictly for enjoying, not for nutritional value…Those things cause cellulite…oops. {eye-roll} I stopped chasing perfection a while back. It was rather miserable.

I have instead, embraced self love and MODERATION.

You are more than your fat cells.  If your goal is to get rid of it all, you’re looking at serious science in nutrition and lifting, you’re looking at calculating all food that goes into your mouth and being on a very strict workout regime.  I’ve done it. I know.  Or you’re looking at a quick fix that you will need to continue forever because remember, the fat is still there, even if you’re smashing away the appearance…

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