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November 13, 2017


Pumpkin spice lattes, the cold dark weather leading to a complete lack of motivation, winter time comfort foods, holiday parties, baked goods at the office, and the stress of 2017 coming to an end…

THE. STRUGGLE. IS. REAL.  Girl I feel you.

Whether you have reached your goals during 2017 or not, these tips are useful for getting fit + NOT completely sabotaging yourself through the holidays.

FACT:  It’s hard to make and sustain a change, let alone during the holiday season.

If it were easy, people wouldn’t have poor habits, or do things they knew would not benefit their goals in the long run.

FACT: The following are what make surviving and even thriving during the holiday season possible.

1. Have accountability – It’s easier when you’re not alone.

Not for a shame game or guilt trip; but to keep your goals in the front of your mind.  It’s easier when you’re not alone. #goteam  Having a partner or a community who is walking down the same path as you can be an extremely powerful motivator.

2. Have a realistic schedule – A goal centered schedule.

Your schedule needs to support your health, not your 60 hours a week at the office, not serving everyone around you BESIDES yourself, not making sure you watch the latest episode of your favorite show.  YOU are your biggest asset.  Always.  During the holidays even more so.  I understand it’s the time of giving. But if you aren’t nurturing yourself, you cannot be the best version of YOU for those you love most (those I hope you will be with this holiday season).  Make your schedule around your goals.  Yes, you have to work, and go to your child’s christmas concert, or your office party, but make sure you’re scheduling time for YOU.

3. Know your priorities – You can’t do it all.

You literally cannot get it all done.  You certainly can’t get it all done while feeling healthy and balanced.  So decide what takes the top 3-5.  Everything else is not a priority.  YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS SEASON ALIVE. Don’t sweat the small stuff…Go get your sweat on instead. You feel me?

4. Daily mindset check – beliefs, thoughts and actions.

It’s unfortunate that the holiday season can be synonymous with STRESS.  Stress around finances, family, and what you actually achieved as the year comes to an end.  You don’t have to let this derail you.  I promise.  This takes work; but keep perspective every morning and throughout every day.  You’re blessed, you’re empowered, you’re enough, this is a season, and Annie is in your corner. {wink}

Your mindset is driven by beliefs and your mindset drives your actions. So capture your mindset, change those beliefs and take new action.

5. Have a clear plan – food, workouts and sleep.

For food, for when you’re going to indulge a bit and when you’re going to refrain.  No one is requiring you to eat a party you go to. No one is requiring you to eat the cookies you were given.  No one needs to know if you throw those away or give them to a homeless person. #ivedoneit #nojudgement

For workouts, write it down, make sure it is realistic, have a specific plan to follow. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT set goals or a plan you can’t commit to.  Do whatever you know you can achieve and feel good about. That is what will serve you in the long run.

For sleep, maybe the most important.  Sleep plays a huge roll in stress management and hormone control. Who doesn’t need that during the holiday season. More on this inside my 20 Day Challenge.

6. Ooops I know I said 5 buuuuttttt HAVE GRACE FOR YOURSELF.

This is my favorite and the basis of my 20 Day Challenge.  Have grace for yourself. Do not get on that downhill spiral-snowball effect.  Move one day at a time and hold on to your small victories like your results depend it…because they do.

Take these 5 things and run with them my friend. Or you can accept my invitation to my 20 Day Challenge on Nov 27th and implement these 5 tricks and SO MUCH MORE.

YES, I host a 20 Day Challenge smack dab between Thanksgiving and Christmas – because people need support, a plan, a community and shoot; they’d like to finally make some changes before 2017 is over.

Some of the things you’ll get when you join me for 20 days:

  • Nutritional Guidelines
  • Sleep Log
  • Beginner + intermediate/advanced workouts (videos included) + bonus workouts
  • Daily informational videos from me
  • Fit Girl’s Guide to Eating Out
  • Access to recipes on my Pinterest page
  • Private Facebook support group (might just be the best part)
  • A discount for my 6 Week Transformation (because you need a plan after your 20 days!)

Don’t wait until 2018 to make a change.  Seriously. Do it now.

Join me for my last challenge of 2017.



Don’t let the fear of failure or uncertainty pull you away.  Take it from a few women who did the challenge last December…

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!…I am literally in better shape than I have ever been. I have more muscle and strength, lower body fat and healthier exercise and diet habits than any other time in my life.” – Krystina

“This was yet again a wonderful experience!!! I love that your challenges push me to further heights and pull me from my comfort zone….My results are AWESOME! My tummy is flatter (of course from the sugar reduction and ab work!!!) and my booty is lifted.” – Jamie

“I grew more in the way of education on food. This portion of your challenge was very intriguing to me. I have never known how to read a label regarding hidden sugar. My eyes have been opened wide. You gave me tools to see past the no sugar claim and look deeper.” – Vanessa

The doors close NOV 20th at NOON. 


Doors close in ONE WEEK from today!

P.S. Challenges are way more fun with a buddy, invite a friend so you can sign up together! Not joining. THAT’S TOTALLY FINE! If you enjoyed these tips, join my mailing list and get my newsletter! Click here to join!


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