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August 13, 2019

032 | Building Your Offer Pyramid

Ep 32 | How to Build Your Offer Pyramid | The FitsPRO Podcast with Annie Miller

How to build you offer pyramid

Today I want talk about something that was a mistake for me in the beginning. And it is a mistake that I see a lot of online coaches make.

I think that they make this mistake because they see everyone else doing it, and they view those people as successful, so they copy what they are doing.

The issue that I’m talking about in today’s episode is not paying attention to the order of their product creation, or services that they offer. And more often than not, creating too many products, or products that compete with one another. So, I have heard this referred to as your offer suit but I like to call it a PYRAMID. What does your company offer? What are your services?

I narrowed this issue down to the order in which you create your offers because I think there is a way to roll out and develop offers efficiently and A LOT of ways to do it inefficiently. From my observations in this field, and from my personal experience, the latter seems to be more popular.

Whether you have offers available right now or you are still in the dream phase, this is going to be a valuable podcast episode for you. You will either stop where you are and reevaluate what you’re doing, or you will start in a much better place then you might have otherwise.

Before we dive in I should tell you what the end goal of an offer suite or pyramid is for me and what I think does well in the health and fitness industry, in the online space that is.

When it is all said and done, it would look something like this:

Your offer pyramid

You have an opt-in of some kind. Some way for you to collect emails of potential clients in return for providing them with some sort of value. See episode #29 for how you can start building your email list.

You collect emails via your freebie or incentive to join a waitlist.

Then you have your low ticket offer – this can be used as incentive or a FREEBIE when someone pays in full for your high ticket offers. It can be used in bundles, and is great for sprint sales like Black Friday, or your birthday. This is a great way for cold leads to become warm leads and get a taste of what you have to offer them.

After low ticket, we have mid-ticket. This does not compete with your high ticket offer. That is a mistake I see all too often. It should be clearly different than your high ticket offer.

For example, I have Instagram 101 and Power hours as mid price products that can lead to or be bundled with my high ticket offer that is FitsPRO Foundations.

On the fitness side, I have a freebie which is my 3 Day Mobility and Core – which are pulled directly out of Built By Annie, this gets people on the Built By Annie waitlist.

Then I have my low ticket offer of the Big Lift Audit which can be used on sprint sales or sent out as a freebie when someone enrolls in BBA. 

Next I have my mid-ticket price with lower commitment membership in Built By Annie (this is a highly automated year long membership but is not personalized) and then my high ticket, higher touch offer of 1:1 training.

You see the pyramid? >> freebie or low ticket offer to mid ticket offer to high ticket offer and then obviously each of those needs to be of value to your ideal client.

And you get to choose how you position those in your offer pyramid, how ofter you offer each, if they are always open, if you have an email sequence set up to drive up-sells from one offer to the next. ALL. OF. THE. POTENTIAL.

BUT…allow me to save you from trying to create all of that at once and making the mistakes I made early on, and the mistakes I see tons of professionals make to this day.

Let’s dive into HOW all of these offers come to be. It is not all at once, and it most certainly is not overnight.


So, this is the order in which I believe you should develop your offers coming from a health and fitness standpoint.

Please remember that you are free to do whatever you want and you need to choose to do whatever fits your lifestyle goals, what you enjoy doing, and what your ideal client is looking for – All things that I teach inside FitsPRO Foundations, my six week online biz course for fitness professionals in the online space.

So, I suggest that you start with your one on one coaching.

Why I suggest starting with your one on one is that you can charge more for this service, which has the potential to give you more financial stability upfront. Remember that businesses need money, otherwise they are just a hobby. one on one services will allow you to get to know your ideal client better, and refine or solidify your philosophy, your processes, and your systems. You’ll Likely be able to collect social proof and/or testimonies from your one on one clients.

This is all so that when you go to launch a group program, you have the data and the experience you need to launch that lower touch, lower priced program. You’ll know how it fits in to your offer pyramid and is different from your one on one offer, so that you are creating two clearly different offers that don’t compete with one another and are clearly for two different people but are both still within your expertise and philosophy.

Start with your high ticket program and then build a down from there. That’s what we’re getting out here.

Too often people start with a low ticket un-refined offer and then try to build up from that, and it’s just not an effective or efficient way to do things in a business. Speaking from my own experience and observation in the health and fitness industry anyway. Not saying people can’t make it happen, but I don’t think that it is the most efficient pathway to building your offer pyramid.

Build confidence and some income with your 1:1 clients.

Then see how you can scale. Create a group coaching or membership of some kind. Ideally this takes less work and time from you but still provides your clients with the value they are looking for. Again this can be so many things and will completely depend on your area of expertise.

That is your mid ticket offer.

Just like your 1:1 you’re going to refine that process, collect testimonies, get to know your ICA for that much better and should then have the data you need in order to create a low ticket offer or freebie that would get your potential ICA to sign up for an email list. This offer should be a downloadable PDF or pre recorded video, something that is sent automatically and requires no work from you, right?

Once you have your freebie or low ticket offer, mid ticket offer and high ticket offer, THEN you can start strategically aligning these in your biz. Partially because at this point you’ll have created the space needed in your business to work ON your biz rather than 100% IN your biz.

It’s all a process and that can’t all happen at once. Remember that. So built my friend. Build your pyramid from the TOP, DOWN. From high ticket to mid ticket, to low ticket or freebie. IN THAT ORDER. 

Please don’t come out guns a blazin’ with some low or mid ticket offer, no system and no plan for the future. I did that in 2015 and I’ve watched coaches do it backwards for the past four or five years.

Get 1:1 experience, solidify your systems and philosophy, scale. Create a mid price offer, requiring less from you, learn your ICAs needs even more, tack on a low ticket – use it as added value, incentive or a waitlist or sprint sales.

Or do whatever the heck you want because it’s your business.

Just thought I’d share that piece of advice with my fitsPRO’s and aspiring fitsPRO’s. If you don’t know, now you know.

If you find value here, on The FitsPRO Podcast, then pretty please head over to itunes, subscribe, rate and review the show. It means the world to me when you spread my message to more humans.

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