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March 12, 2018

My Movement Story

I thought I had mastered Movement…

I’ve got a little story for you today.  Let’s call it my journey to quality movement through all of the injuries.


I am here to answer the question: Why is Annie Miller of Fitdesignbyannie so passionate about proper movement patterns and simplicity?


I was in school for exercise and sport science, interning as a D1 strength and conditioning coach, as well as a performance coach in a PT clinic when I thought I got shot up in the weight room.  It was in fact NOT someone shooting me, it was my lumbar spine taking the load and hinge in a squat instead of my glutes and hips. I finally got my disc injury after from years of improper squatting form.   The minuscule mistakes repeated over time are the most dangerous.  I say that from experience.

That situation humbled me, figuratively and literally. I found myself sitting on the weight room floor unable to move. And to make it egotistically worse it was not a heavy load for me.  My experience also proves that injuries don’t only happen during big lifts. My eyes were immediately open to the fact that just moving isn’t enough for the longevity of your life.  Just “squatting” is not enough.


What does that squat look and feel like?

The quality of the movement is the determining factor for whether that movement helps, or hinders life.

My movement story + Movement 101

See, I had a black and white view.  I was operating from a one size fits all approach to movement. I thought everyone had to squat with a narrow stance, toes straight forward, knees cranked out, ass to grass, no matter what compromises had to be made for that squat pattern to happen.  It was not until that very squat pattern and various other factors led to my disc injury that I changed my view.  I had to if I wanted to squat under a load again.  And if you know me, you KNOW I wanted to get back to squatting as soon as I could stand up…

Over the next 6-9 months I relearned all of the things.  Everything my chiropractor had me do was against everything I previously practiced. I became moldable + SO MUCH more aware of my body as ONE unit.  Dr. Snell is not your typical chiro…I worked out the entire appointment + he never popped or manipulated my back…please question your chiro if popping is the extent of your appointment (that’s for a whole other post).

Things I had to change:

  • my squat stance
  • how my feet grab the floor
  • how to breath, still something I have to work on
  • my core activation
  • learning my squat depth for my current mobility level
  • and how all of that interacts for a safe squatting pattern for ME.


It also added 40lbs to my 3 rep max with NO pain. Hence why I want to spread my experience like wild fire.

Your squat stance might be different and guess what? THAT’S OKAY!

I am here to grant you your squat pattern freedom and SO MUCH MORE.

In addition to my back, I’ve had knee injuries and shoulder injuries and ankle injuries all while thinking that I was really good at moving. So through years of physical therapy and really diving into an open-minded whole body approach to movement patterns I just want to share it with you.

I want you to feel confident wherever you move…

My story behind Movement 101

That is LITERALLY why I dreamt up + created MOVEMENT 101.


Seriously. My experience + seeing improper form in the gym + women’s desire to just have CREDIBLE information readily available to them is MY WHY.

I cover over 100 exercises from body weight to barbell inside Movement 101 but after reviewing this resource, you’ll have a deeper understanding of your own body, plus an educated approach to movement so that you can figure out exercises that may not be covered here in Movement101.

The majority of these exercises are functional, the most bang for your buck type of exercises, and seen often in the fitness industry.

My goal is to teach you how to do these movements properly, give you different variations, and hopefully move more weight than you’ve used previously.

You’re going to become more aware of your body and feel empowered through movement, no matter where you’re starting.






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