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October 6, 2022

Three Easy Options for Developing Your Brand One-liner

Three Easy Options for Developing Your Brand One-liner with Annie Miller

Your brand one liner permeates everything you do as a business. It clearly communicates in one sentence, who you help, what result you offer, and ideally, what emotional or literal barrier you remove for people in that process. Big deal. And also, big clarity.

It’s very normal to have an overarching one liner as well as a one liner or some version of a one liner for each offer if you have more than one in your suite. These one liners are the answer when someone asks “what sets your brand apart from all the others?” 

If you don’t know yours, or you lack clarity on communicating what it is you actually do as a health and fitness company, today’s post is for you. And luckily, you have options. Because not all one liner structures work for every business model and feel. Not to worry!

So, can you CLEARLY tell me what you do in 1-3 sentences?  Most online health and fitness coaches cannot. That’s why one liners are massive part of establishing your online business in my FitsPRO Foundations course. It’s a must in my book. And it never ceases to amaze me how relieved my students feel when they’re finally clear on this messaging.

Before we take a deep dive, know that this is going to take SEVERAL revisions. There are LOTS of words in the world and you’re attempting to communicate your brand in like 10, okay? Have some grace for yourself.

Let’s look at some examples and break them down:

I can’t speak for anyone else or how they created their own, so today I’ll use my own examples. I particularly learned the “without” portion of this structure from Dr. Sean Pastuch, Founder of Active Life Rx. Their “only statement” is some version of “the only company getting you out of pain without skipping the gym or seeing the doctor.”

Mine for the fitness side of my business is:

  • Empowering women to learn as you train and enjoy your lifts again without having to figure it out for yourself. 

Words matter. A few things I want to point out here that help identify who this statement appeals to: NOT A NEWBIE. How did I know that? The word “again” – this implies that I am speaking to someone has previously, at some point enjoyed lifting and working out. I am not a hand holder. I am looking for independent women. How would I know that? The verb “empower.” Empower implies me passing tools and some way, somehow getting you to take action YOURSELF.

Self efficacy is a core value and pillar here at Annie Miller Concepts. Therefore, our product one liners need to communicate that. Education and knowledge are another core value and pillar – cue “learn as you train.”

See what you can pull out of my business offers one liner below…

For the business and entrepreneurial side, its:

  • I give online health and fitness entrepreneurs the tools and clarity they need to build a sustainable business without butt selfies or sales calls.
  1. Don’t steal my shit. Use this post to build your own.
  2. What result or experience/shift do you provide? And what barriers do you remove for your clients to make that easier?

Use the three options below to bounce ideas around, and hopefully coming up with a starter one liner.

Help statement – you’ve seen this format all over the internet I am sure. “Helping millennial moms find food freedom without cutting out wine”

I don’t love this only because it’s restrictive. I like to keep the verb (action word) open – helping, guiding, teaching, empowering, etc.

Only statement – Via Dr Sean Pastuch: Only company (verb) ____ (who you help) _____without ________(barrier). This is a bold statement but truly accurate for some brands. If you feel you are actually the only coach or brand doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it, go with this.

General long version tagline – less structure here. This can be a tagline or long tagline.  Drop the “without” and just make your action statement. Meg Squats for instance is “getting a barbell into the hands of every woman.” Boom. Period. If you have a broad scale mission this is for you. OR if you have a VERY specific result you offer, this can fit as well. “Run a half marathon in 30 days”

One liners are no joke, and no easy task. Give yourself time and space to create yours. It matters, and as you can hopefully see, truly will permeate and provide clarity for your entire brand.

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