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July 23, 2018

[top two] Best Time Management Tactic for Entrepreneurs

Get done what actually matters [the top two method]

“Top Two” Tactic for success

You only need your top two.

You’ve got too many priorities. You cannot have all those priorities sister. I’m going to need you to choose. There are enough hours in the day, you just have too much shit on your table. And most of it doesn’t need to be there. So how many priorities do you choose though?!  Two. You choose two. Your TOP TWO – for the year, for the month, for the week, for the day.

If you struggle with this, I suggest you read Essentialism by Greg Mckeown and The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris.  This is where my top two came from. These books helped me take my life and business to the next level.

Choosing only two priorities helps you to determine what is ESSENTIAL and what doesn’t actually matter. You can be VERY busy and not productive. Women are freaking pro’s at this. I used to be. Now, if something is not a HELL YES, if it doesn’t directly effect income or action, it doesn’t get done. If it is not essential, it doesn’t NEED to happen.

How the TOP TWO works

You can’t just choose two things. You’ll need to set aside some time and ask yourself some questions. As a business owner, out of all the tasks you have on that to do list; out of all the ideas you have swimming around non stop in your brain, which ones will actually bring you INCOME? Which ones are the best use of time for the payoff? It is not to sound greedy. I hope it’s not being taken that way. I simply want to separate productivity and a waste of your time.

Start with that, then move onto the time frames. This YEAR what are your top two? These can often determine the monthly and weekly tasks. What are your TOP TWO For the year? Think long term here. Are you going to launch a program? Open the doors to a gym? Quit your day job and go full time? Hire an employee or two? Get them ON PAPER. Get them in your brain, so they are always lingering as the big picture.

Now this month, what are your TOP TWO to get towards one or both of those year goals? Remember, you have a business. Your business needs to make money and being moving FORWARD, not spinning in circles. What tasks need to happen for forward movement to be a reality?

Got ’em?

We’re getting serious here. This week, RIGHT NOW – what are your top two? If these two things don’t happen, your week goes down the crapper. You are further from that month goal and you have less potential for revenue. So what are the top two things that need to happen this week?

Get done what actually matters with the top two method

The daily grind

NOW. Now we get into the fun stuff. The daily grind. What if I told you that you didn’t have to feel like your to-do list actually grows as you cross something off? You can get only TWO things done in a day and feel accomplished. Yeah, it’s real. It’s a thing and it’s waiting for you.

Keep it simple my friend. What are your top two tasks today that get you closer to your weekly top two, so you can win the week and be closer to that month top two? You have control of that.

The freedom is real when you start practicing this. It will be hard. You will have to PRACTICE defining the essential and letting go of the non-essential. 

So, take the TOP TWO tactic and run with it sister. Enjoy the freedom and ACTUAL productivity.

Tell ’em Annie sent ya when you reach the top.

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  1. Olaiya says:

    Your blog update fell into my inbox at just the right moment. Currently listening to Essentialism and thinking about redefining my priorities. Thanks for the inspiration!

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