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July 23, 2019

030 | How I Chose Which Mastermind to Invest in

How I chose between two business masterminds - The FitsPRO Podcast with Annie Miller

How I Chose What Mastermind To Invest In

Today’s episode is from my recent experience in choosing between two mastermind options.

I am a pretty intuitive person, and I’m also rather particular. I am a questionnaire, and it’s hard for me to trust people or things or products, but once I trust them I am extremely loyal.

That is just some background on me so you know who is behind this decision making process. You might be completely different, and I think it’s important for you to know what type of decision maker you are so that you can make the best decisions for yourself right?

There are three things I believe you need to consider FOR SURE when you’re looking to join a mastermind, enroll in a course or hire a coach.

I go deep into each of these topics and why I chose which mastermind to ultimately invest in in today’s episode.

Trust me, you want the full story on each of my options. It will NOT be a waste of your time. Learn from my experience friend, PUH-LEASE.

Here are my suggestions to you.


Have your non-negotiables laid out before you even start searching.

What are 2-3 things you NEED to have in this course, mastermind or coach for your business and life RIGHT NOW. Just because you love a coach, or the thought of a certain program, that DOES NOT mean it is a good fit right NOW. You will join many course and hire multiple coaches in your entrepreneurial journey. Be wise in which ones you invest in. Timing matters.

Once you have those laid out, you’ll be less wooed by fancy sales pages and promises that don’t ACTUALLY apply to what you NEED. You feel me?

is the value clear?

If you can’t see the value, understand the promise, or see what it is that you’re ACTUALLY getting out of this experience, for the love of all things holy run in the other direction.

In my opinion “value” can be both tactical strategies, workbooks, coaching calls, as well as EMOTIONAL value. Tell me what I will feel like at the end of this six weeks, or six months. Will I be less stressed? Have more space? Feel more aligned? Right? All of that is VALUE. But if those things aren’t clearly laid out, PEACE SON. I’m out.

do you like them?

Straight up, you need to like the human running the show. For me personally, if I don’t feel like I would willingly sit down and chat over a cup of coffee with the mastermind host, I am not signing up.

And I need to feel that it would be mutual. You should feel like the mastermind host is speaking DIRECTLY TO YOU & YOUR SOUL. If you feel that, then it is probably a good fit.

The key here is that ALL of these have to be in alignment. Investing in a mastermind, a course or a coach is a big deal. Let’s be honest.

If you have your non-negotiables clearly laid out, you see the value and the value involves your non-negotiables, and you genuinely like the human, then it’s probs a HELL YES.

But if one of those is off, there is likely a different coach, or mastermind or course that is better to suit your needs. Be patient and find your people.

Tune into episode 30 for a fun little story to back up this logic. See you there!

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How I chose between two business masterminds - The FitsPRO Podcast with Annie Miller

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