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March 22, 2020

063 | Quarter 1 Review + Quarter 2 Planning

Q1 Review and Q2 Planning with Annie Miller of The FitsPRO Podcast


This is early – and I clearly haven’t recapped my entire first quarter. But I have gathered all data thus far and started planning quarter 2. I really hate waiting to plan a quarter until I’m in it. If you’re new here or I haven’t mentioned it, I prefer to be a month or two ahead of schedule with as much as I can. That way I’m only doing real time work with things that have to be done real time.

For instance during a launch, all the emails and posts and Canva images are done. The emails are pre-scheduled and all I’m doing is showing up in real time on social media and viewing my numbers.

Therefore we’re here, discussing quarter one and two while still in quarter one.

If you don’t use quarterly planning and you’re an entrepreneur, I highly suggest it. This is something I wish I would have started way earlier in business. You don’t need a complex business to benefit from quarterly planning.

I use Amber McCue’s Fresh Start planner for my more tactical biz planning. And then Hilary Rushford’s Elegant Excellence journal for the life/emotional/dreaming aspect of business. I think emotional health and awareness + aligning your life and biz are very important.

So that’s where I do my actual quarterly, and monthly planning.

As for quarter one of 2020 – we must discuss my annual goals because that’s where the quarterly goals and markers come from.

In quarter one so far, I’m am on track for my annual revenue goal which is lovely.

This is the joy in tracking numbers and doing quarterly goals. Because if I wasn’t on track for that goal, or any goal, I’d need to either change the goal, or determine how I’m going to reach the goal in the coming quarters.

So we’re on track for the annual revenue goal. If you don’t have revenue goals, I also encourage you to make that. And then look at how that might happen – how much does your offer cost? How many would you need to sell? How many launches or pushes does that mean? And so on. It’s a good practice to get into even if you’re just starting out.

In quarter one I also had a FitsPRO Foundations launch and a Built by Annie push, as well as down-sells from each of those.

That simply means that I had an enrollment period for those main programs and then a promo of some kind for another supporting offer right after those bigger enrollment periods.

Both of those launches went great and I want to dive into the context of those. Because it’s important to look at going forward. I have launches coming in quarter two and the numbers and data from quarter one are useful to me in planning those Q2 launches.

I straight up nailed the FitsPRO launch and down-sell to Instagram 101. It was my fourth or fifth launch of FitsPRO. Therefore I have data from 4-5 launches. I felt that I’d found the timing of what information to deliver when. But it was also the first week of the new year and that means people are ready to start something new. They’re inspired to take action and sign up for things. Therefore I take that context into consideration. That’s part of the process in business. You learn your seasons. When are people most willing and ready to buy? To invest? And to start a program?

In tracking my numbers from that launch I was able to plan the next launch which will be this month. Emails have already started going out to the waitlist. I realize it’s still quarter one but this launch will cross over into quarter two.

I tried a new promo last round for a downsell to IG101 and that went VERY WELL, even better than expected. It was the first time doing that. So I do plan to do something similar for future launches. Just like last round, I’ll track numbers and see how it goes.

As far as Built by Annie goes – I reached my goal of getting a certain amount ladies in the doors. But I did something VERY different this round.

So back in November I did a birthday month promo for four weeks. We call this a push vs a launch. That went amazing and actually led to the opening and closing of BBA that I’m practicing now.

Between the end of Jan and first week of Feb, I cut the push down to 10 total days. And got nearly the same amount of enrollments. That’s huge. What that tells me is that I can shorten the push time and get the same amount of humans.

I’ve already planned my next enrollment phase of BBA. I took both the previous pushes and put together pieces that I felt worked well in order to create the next push. For instance there will be a longer pre-push period to the waitlist before it even goes live to the public.

This is the fun stuff you guys. If you’re in your first year or two of biz in online fitness, stick with it and keep improving your offer or offers. I used to HATE launching and marketing. But a big part of that was not understanding launching or how to speak to my ideal client. Now it’s a huge part of my work and I thoroughly enjoy the process of planning launches and pushes. I also think it lays out my seasons so I like that bi-product. You know, I can see my next four months and the flow of my work + what I need to set in place.

Which is exactly why we’re discussing quarterly planning and reviews.

Another takeaway from my quarter was having my assistant do more work for me. For instance I had her track all of my launch numbers. That includes things like sales page views, email opens and link clicks, enrollments, revenue and so on. Then I filled in context of what I was doing on Instagram or not.

I traditionally track that myself but being able to just open our Google sheet and see the numbers everyday was a seriously joyous piece of my life and business. That was a big win for me. Handing that over to her and then experiencing the magic in letting her do that. She wins. It was great.

Now, I have to not only align my biz launches and pushes, but also those launches and pushes with my world travels. Traveling the world is truly our lifestyle, therefore I need to plan my biz tasks in a way that works with our nomad lifestyle.

For instance, from Feb 16 to March 9 we were on a road trip through Patagonia. A goal I had during that time was to draft a crap ton of Instagram posts and podcasts through April and May, review monthly numbers, and plan launches and pushes for Q2.

This was vital due to the fact that when that road trip ended, we had 5 days in Buenos Aires and 5 days in Melbourne. Then it is onto another road trip in Japan for 30 days, followed by a 20 some day road trip through New Zealand. Which means all of the things need to be prepped and ready within those 10 days in Buenos Aires and Melbourne.

Another huge goal in Q1 was to get our taxes prepped and paid before the Patagonia road trip. Having that done and being able to move forward in preparation for 2020 taxes was a relief.

Soooooo quarter one was a success and there is always room for improvement.

We started our 2020 world travels.

I had the first FitsPRO launch of 2020 and it was the best yet. Huge downsell to IG 101.

Opened second enrollment for BBA of it’s type and reached enrollment goals.

Oh, also opened and filled Power Hour spots for Q2 planning.

Planned a shite ton of podcast and Instagram content for coming month and months.

And we are on track for our annual revenue goals.

Quarter two brings more launches, a BBA push and brilliant downsell that my assistant suggested to me, power hour spots for Q3 planning as well as MAD personal planning for Q3 because we will be in the states during that that period of time. From early June to early September we will be stateside and I’ll be going HAAAMMMM working, planning the rest of 2020 and 2021.

I can’t lay out my biz plans until we have travel plans sketched out because I’ve learned to align the biz work with the travels. There’s really just no other way for me if I want to enjoy both my business and the world travels. Which is of course the goal.

My annual goals were:

Multiple six figures (yes there’s a specific number but I’m not receiving that)

100 humans enrolling in BBA – still working on this.

To not create any new offers, simply to align and launch my current offers.

And email list growth – which is going great via having my waitlists as well as my free 3 day mobility and core.

I also recently partnered with another brand that I am STOKED ABOUT. It’s not Aerie, so calm down. Someday I’ll make that happen fam. Aerie needs me. I can feel it. They just don’t know it yet. So keep an eye out for that brand post on the Insta.

And I added a personalized linktree via my site which you can access from the link in my bio on the gram.

That’s all I got! Take up quarterly planning if you haven’t. It’s super helpful, I promise. It keeps you on track and honest with your progress. For instance in 2019 I realized in Q2 that I had made too many goals for the year and just wasn’t going reach them all. I needed to choose two and stick with those.

So here’s to planning and reviewing your goals. Go team.

Review of the week is from garcice and says,

I just started listening to Annie’s podcast and from the get go she is very clear on what the topic is about. Gives great examples and is very genuine to her purpose. Jotting down notes as there is so much great advice.”

If you find value here, on The FitsPRO Podcast, then pretty please head over to iTunes, subscribe, rate and review the show. It means the world to me when you spread my message to more humans.

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quarter one Review and quarter two Planning with Annie Miller of The FitsPRO Podcast

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