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September 14, 2023

Before Signing Your Next Client (READ THIS)

Very often in the online health and fitness space, I get messages asking: 

  • How to generate more leads?
  • How to get more clients?
  • How to turn Instagram followers into buyers? 

While those are legitimate questions and desires, I encourage people to audit their actual process and their offer before trying to funnel more people into it. 

Prefer to learn on video? Watch this before signing your next client:

If you’re new here, my name is Annie Miller and I help you build a sustainable online health and fitness business without selling your soul to vanity metrics or doing sales calls (if you don’t want to). 

By the end of today’s blog, you’ll have homework to complete that will hopefully leave you clearer on your: 

  • Offer
  • Client journey
  • Next steps before signing another client or your first client

Some of my most successful FitsPros inside my FitsPro Foundations course are actually people who have had businesses for three to five years and are pretty well established, but they realize that they need to audit their entire business and systems before scaling even larger.

This auditing process is what makes them so successful in the end (in my opinion). 

Today, we’re going to cover one aspect of your business and the system for taking care of your clients.

Don’t roll your eyes because you probably think that you already have this down. I promise you that it can be improved and that your confidence in that improvement will allow you to make more sales. 

Trust me when I say that it feels way better and you are more likely to continuously talk about your offer if it is seamless and easy for both you and the client once they actually sign up to work with you. 

That is why I believe you should have your client lifespan clearly drawn out before you sign another client or your first client. 

If you don’t have any clients yet, or if you’ve never defined your client lifespan before or not, it does exist.

There is some kind of process that happens when someone signs up to work with you. Perhaps it’s a pretty well-oiled machine or perhaps there’s a lot of gaps that you could fill to improve it. 

Hopefully, you’re going to find out by doing today’s homework from this blog. 

I’m not only going to tell you that you need to audit your client lifespan, but I’m going to give you the pieces that I believe your client lifespan should include for your client to have the best experience and for you to get the best feedback and social proof from your offer. Which again, helps you sell your offer and build credibility for whatever your method is. 

From an umbrella view, your client lifespan is exactly what it sounds like. It will depend on your personal business model, but no matter what, your client lifespan is: 

  • How your client discovers you 
  • All the way through purchasing 
  • The onboarding process
  • How they get welcomed 
  • A timeline in which they get access to your deliverables or to schedule a call
  • When you ask for testimonies
  • How you ask for testimonies
  • How they terminate when they terminate
  • What happens after termination

Maybe you have an alumni program or maybe they’re just invited to join a free community of some kind. You may invite them to refer a friend if they know someone who would benefit from your offer…

There are so many options here to optimize the results of a client termination, and that is something I don’t want you to sleep on if you’ve never thought about it before. 

All of the aspects within your particular client lifespan are going to depend on the format of your offer. 

So maybe there is a sales call that initiates it, or an application needs to be filled out before that sales call, but you are going to lay out every single step that your client takes in their process before working with you, during working with you, and after working with you. 

So first, do you currently have a client lifespan defined or are you winging it client by client? 

Note: This is not broad or a general outline. I want the nitty-gritty details….

  • When do they get taken to your thank you page?
  • How long does it take for the welcome email to be sent out? 
  • How long does it take for their first touchpoint to happen? 
  • How does that touchpoint happen? 

In my FitsPro Foundations course, we actually use a spreadsheet that has what the event is that happens, with the timeline that that event happens within, and a bit more detail on what that event actually is, what platform it takes place on, etc. 

In the event section, that might just be email in general, whereas in the detail section it says, welcome email or deeper application email, week one email, and then you might have a note next to it that says what that email includes. 

And if you’re like, Annie, I don’t use email, you could think of that as an invite to whatever app you use for training nutrition or a course. And then there’s another column that actually lays out your tech stack.

So what platform do you need in order for that step to happen? 

First step: Go ahead and map out your client lifespan. This is the audit or starting from scratch. Then you will need to put it into action and actually make it work. 

That means editing emails or onboarding systems, testimony forms, etc… Building out the actual systems that allow for you and your client both to have the most seamless experience as possible in working with you. 

Wrapping Up These Educated Gains 

Remember that knowledge without action is nothing. 

So please do actually take what I taught you in this blog and apply it to your business to get the most out of it. 

Speaking of taking action…

Drop your answer in the comments below: 

Do you currently have a client lifespan defined or are you winging it client by client? Answer in the comments below. 

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