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March 19, 2019

012 | Best Personality Tests + A Word of Caution

Best personality tests for entrepreneurs and how to use them - with Annie Miller

Best Personality Tests + A word of advice – The FITSPRO PODCAST

Personality tests are amazing. I personally love them and think they provide insight to the individual to help them better understand themselves AND others. In my opinion the more we can learn about ourselves, the more grace we can have for other humans.

Today I want to share a few of my favorites, and address a potential issue with using personality tests in our quest for personal development.

Personality test can be incredibly useful for all aspects of life. In relationships, in the workplace, as an entrepreneur or coach and even as a client. I in fact have my clients take a personality test upon applying for one on one training with me because it helps me understand what type of person I am working with upfront without having to go through trial and error.

We cover each of these in today’s episode, but my favorites are:

Myers Briggs

I am an ISTJ while Nate and my good friend Page are ENFPs. There are twelve possibilities and you’ll find out what those letters stand for if you tune in to the podcast. You do have to pay $47 to take this test.

The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

There are free and paid versions as well as a book that goes along with this one. You’ll find out whether you’re an upholder, questioner, obliger or a rebel. I am a questioner with upholder tendencies. I need to know why I am doing something or why I’m being asked to do something. If I trust someone and their philosophy I will literally do whatever they say. I’m loyal AF. And I don’t need any outside accountability to do something I want to do. That’s the upholder portion. If I say I’ll do something or set my mind to something, you better believe it’s happening. I think that’s where my mantra “make it happen” comes from. And someday that might just be the name of my book. We’ll see.

the flag page test

Nate and I took this test in our premarital counseling, and it’s one of my favorites to this day. It is quite an extensive test and does cost money, but at the end you figure out what country you are from (perfect country, control country, fun country or peace country), what words make you feel appreciated, loved, and motivated, and which words tear you down, make you feel unloved or un-appreciated, and demotivate you. You’re also told your top five personality traits, and how your personality shows up in different areas of your life. So you can see where this one would be highly beneficial for the partnership of some kind, in our case it was marriage.

I was from perfect country, with control country as a close second. This means I like things done MY way and I 100% think my way is the best way. I have a really hard time doing something someone else’s way if I think i have a better way.

Nate was like 75% fun country and control was his next one.

My words were loyal, dependable, courageous, hard worker and something else.

Nate’s were caring, friendly, hard worker, relationships and Humor. clearly people, relationships and fun are his gifts.

Like I said, we got a straight ebook at the end with the breakdown of all these sections, so it’s well worth the cost.

the enneagram test

This is a relatively quick test, there are free and paid versions, and you get a number one through nine with an exclamation of how your personality functions in life.

Not super surprising I am a number 8 on the enneagram –  the challenger. The description is very similar to that of an upholder and questionnaire from the for tendencies quiz.

These are my fav and most impactful personality tests. In today’s episode I also dive into a potential issue with personality tests and how I think we can avoid sinking into this pitfall.

Check it all out in episode #12 of The FITSPRO Podcast


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