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April 2, 2019

014 | Should You Hire A Coach?

The FITSPRO Podcast - Should you hire a coach - with Annie Miller

Should You Hire A Coach – The FITSPRO Podcast

Hiring a coach is a tough decision. And it’s likely a pretty hearty investment, of both your time and money. Which make . hiring a coach a hard decision.

This can be in regards to any aspect of life – business, fitness, spiritual, relationship, a tutor, whatever you might need.

So today I bring you three simple questions you can ask yourself to determine whether it’s time to hire a coach.

You’ll need a pen and paper for this one my friend.  We are helping you determine if now is the time to invest in help, or start searching for some.

Three simple questions to help you GET REAL with yourself. Maybe you don’t need a coach. But maybe you do and you’re making excuses or using finances as a road block. Finances are not a road block. I’ve seen people come up with the money like it was magic when they understand the value and change they are going to experience through a given program. I’ve seen cheer moms come up with thousands of dollars literally overnight in order to keep their kid in the sport they love.

So, do you need to hire a coach? Listen to today’s episode and answer the questions in total honesty. You should end up with a pretty clear decision.

That’s all for today, if you find this episode helpful or insightful, please share it with your friends, subscribe, rate and review The FITSPRO Podcast. That is how I get my message in front of all the humans who would otherwise not know who the hell I am or what I am doing in this world. You is the microphone. Love you long time.

Until next Tuesday, thanks for tuning in to the FitsPRO podcast. You duh best.

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I'm an adventurous introvert from Vancouver, Washington who lives on sleep + "me time." I'm a lover of lifting weights, dinosaurs, real talk and traveling with my husband. I am here to help you move better, lift more, bust the myths of the fitness industry, and inspire you to love the process.

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