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March 26, 2019

013 | The Truth About Your Trainer

The FITSPRO Podcast - The Truth About Your Trainer with Annie Miller

The Truth About Your Trainer – The FITSPRO Podcast

This is fueled by a bit of a rant but I hope it doesn’t sound like one. We’ll see. This really goes out to the trainers feeling guilty, not good enough or like the need to do xyz to reach some epitome of being a trainer.

You share your salads but hide the sour patch kids you ate for lunch yesterday, feel like people are judging if you haven’t posted a workout in 7+ days and like if you admit to any of the REAL shit that happens that you will no longer be credible and people won’t want to work with you. YOU can’t even be perfect why would they trust you?

All BS, I’m calling it.

And I am not above this by the way. There are plenty of days that I make a decision to do “x” when I know I should have done “y.”  But you know what. That doesn’t make me a bad or unworthy coach. That makes me a RELATABLE one. And yes, those times get further and far between. Which is the goal right? PROGRESS is the goal.

Share those times with your people! Let them know in fact you DO NOT have it all together – that you eat chocolate and miss workouts and choose to nap instead of lift or whatever.

Use that to relate to and teach your following.

I BELIEVE so hard that coaches need to walk the walk. You should 100% be striving for the lifestyle you preach or following the philosophy you teach. But that doesn’t mean you will be or need to be perfect all the time. The struggle is part of REAL life. It’s part of the process. And the feelings of shame need to be removed from both parties. The coach and the trainee.

And to the trainees out there.

Your trainer or coach is a H U M A N. They are a human. Humans who just know more than you. They are educated in a specific area of science and the human body. But they have bad habits and struggles. Yes, they eat gummy bears, and cookies and miss workouts, and feel like shit sometimes. The good ones keep showing up, are honest, and don’t change the value of their service based on these habits and struggles and truths. That’s what you need to look for. Mmmmk?

And to those holding ridiculous and meaningless standards of fitness professionals, stop it and check ya damn self. Know what to look for and what ACTUALLY matters when searching for a valuable coach.

That’s really today’s episode in a nutshell. Tune in for a quick FITSPRO Podcast today. If you dig it, please subscribe, rate and review the podcast on Apple Podcasts. It truly means the world to me!

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