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September 13, 2022

A Peek At My Last 10 Years Of Life and Biz

A Peek At My Last 10 Years Of Life and Biz with Annie Miller

If you know anything about me, know that I am quite possibly the biggest fan of reflection. I love a process, whether my own or someone else’s. So no matter where you came to find me from, we’re pulling back the curtain of this journey starting nearly a decade ago.

Here’s the quick and dirty timeline – I encourage you to do this for yourself 😉

2013 – Get married, graduate college, get my CSCS, question my entire life purpose and lack of direction.

2014 – Get biz license, build in person training, keep coaching cheer, be mildly depressed but also grateful.

2015 – Actually start doing shit online for fitdesigbyannie – posting daily, 20 day challenges and 1:1 remote training, while maxing out in person clients and coaching. Nate and I go to Puerto Rico for out first “travels/vacation” together.

2016 – Join B School with @marieforleo. Took a year to implement but the direction was huge for my mindset. Said I never wanted to hire anyone, just make 30k per year from online. (Made $15k this year online).*Fittest I’ve ever been.

2017 – Re-evaluated life. Launch Built by Annie. Online biz making equal monthly income as in person. Nate says “what if we just traveled the world for a year?” I said “I need to make a bit more money first.” Went to Spain as a travel “trial.” *Fitness falling off as I build biz.

Jan 2018 – Launched Movement 101. Was confirmation of my new direction. *Fitness building back up as biz is more organized.

May 2018-June 2019 – Nate quit his job, we traveled the world. I built out new 3 tier BBA offer, BWFWL, and the BLA. 3x’d revenue. Started the Fitspro podcast, created FitsPRO Foundations and IG 101. *Fitness died it’s world travel death.

June 2019 – Jan 2020 – Home. Hire @madelinemihaly, prepare for 2020 travels. Rebrand to Annie Miller Concepts LLC. *Fitness is mostly still gone.

Jan 2020 – Move to my mom’s house and begin world travels round 2. Biz thriving.

April 2020 – Home early due to Rona (re-evaluation of life part 2). Create 36 phases of BBA AT HOME.

May 2020 – Decide to buy land and build a house due to no travel. Begin 1:1 biz coaching. Full legal and brand update. Secured land in Sept.

Nov 2020 – Fitspro Foundations went evergreen, built a funnel.

Jan 2021 – Became LLC S-corp. Launched Free Workshop. Begin building Pure PROgramming.

May 2021 – Move into a rental. *Re-working fitness ground up. Go to town on PP.

Nov-Dec 2021 – Secured home building loan and broke ground. Film and upload 400+ exercise demos for youtube with Paige Major (finally!).

Jan 2022 – Launch Pure PROgramming. My course I’d been dreaming up for three years. House making steady progress.

Feb 2022 – Accidentally get pregnant and experience allllll the emotional, physical and mental shifts. Continue building house. Biz in survival mode for three months. #firsttrimester.

At the time of this post going live (Sept 2022), I’ll be seven months pregnant, awaiting bebe Miller’s arrival, and hopefully prepping to move into our new home (if not already in it)! Business will be prepped for my much needed maternity leave. Pray for us.

Almost 10 years later from starting as “the Millers” here we are. Never could have guessed it, but happy to be here.

This is your reminder and permission that you absolutely do not need, to pivot at any time. Re-evaluate, take action, keep going. It’s no one else’s story but your own.

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